Sunday around the Studio

As I watch Carolyn Porco on the Science Channel talk about the universe as if we actually know very much about it, I’m reminded of something I saw on Greta Van Susteren’s show on Fox News. It’s something that continues to bug me.

The guest she had on (Friday I believe) corrected another guest (lefty) who kept spewing these numbers out there as far as health care and the uninsured that were patently false and actually wouldn’t really make sense in any reality you happen to find yourself in.

The details of the exchange aren’t important. What upsets me when I watch this is the fact that Van Susteren doesn’t correct the guest. She didn’t even challenge him on his numbers. The right has a real serious problem with this.

Too many times we allow the left to throw a number at us and we don’t challenge them on it. When we do challenge them (rare. very rare) their argument collapses as it should. We just don’t do enough of it.

The conservatives need to start growing a pair and learn to open their mouths when the left throws numbers around. Most of the numbers are skewed or just completely made up.

I love to hear about the “far right” Fox News channel from the left. Let me fill you in on something here. It’s not that Fox News is far right. Because CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and ABC are so far left even the TV Guide Channel looks right leaning.

With my Sunday venting out of the way, let me just say that this week’s Brass Balls Radio is going to be a real treat. Thanks to everyone who participated! Steve Schippert. Jenny Erikson. DNACowboy.