Sit-Rep – July 25, 2020


This week was not as bad as the previous week. There were still issues. Overall, no one got hurt.

Now…for the general news.

I was able to finish a big project for a friend of mine. This wasn’t incredibly complicated but part of it took a whole bunch of time.

Remarkably enough, it is NOT a good pool day. Pool water is kind of cold and it is overcast.

I still have some remaining tasks left as far as pointing my other websites over here. I’d like to keep the idea of posting the book I am currently listening to but I want a way to do it that is more transportable than a WordPress Plugin that adds to a database and doesn’t move with the website.

My domestic Saturday list has been completed.

Did I mention it was not a good pool day?

Update: I was able to get about 2 hours of good pool time today. Unfortunately, I’ve learned of two deaths that were announced while I was in the pool. Regis Philbin and Peter Green (co-founder of Fleetwood Mac) both passed away today.