Global Warming is Caused By

Excessive human population.

That fact drives everything else that has anything to do with global warming.

More people means…

  1. More garbage.
  2. More Cars
  3. More Industry
  4. More Animals to Support more Humans
  5. Less Trees
  6. More Housing. See #5

Someone said that it isn’t the amount of plastic bottles that is the real issue. The real issue is the need for all of those plastic bottles. Remove the need and they won’t be making all of those plastic bottles anymore. The same works for cars, etc.

Our population is way too big for the planet and it is only going to get worse. Scientists seem to take the position that this can somehow be controlled without getting rid of the human issue. In most cases, population is never mentioned.

How can you not talk about it?

You can’t. If you don’t remove a vast amount of the human population, you can never recover.

If you want to reduce CO2 and you honestly believe that is the major issue than you must entertain the idea that you need to remove people to do it.

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