Wow. I did not realize that I already had a category about death.

The reason that we are all afraid of death is because that we’re afraid of the unknown.

I would argue that death isn’t unknown. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it in some form or another over our lives.

Have you ever blacked out?

Have you ever fallen into a nice deep sleep where your head hits the pillow and the next thing you remember is waking up after that? No dream.

That period of time between your head hitting the pillow and waking up is exactly what death is like.

You obviously won’t even know you are dead. You will know when you are going to sleep but will not realize when you have achieved it. The only thing you’ll know is that you woke up. If you never wake up, then that feeling of knowing you are going to fall asleep will literally be the last thing you remember.

We’re probably more afraid of how we’ll die. I believe that is something that is mostly unknown unless you are suffering from a terminal illness or you plan to end your own life.

Ok. Not sure why I wrote about such a morbid topic.

I hope everyone has a super sparkly day. Whatever the hell that means.