HDWGH – Story 23 – A Summer Night Stroll

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Cam (short for Camille) Dallas is walking home in the pale moonlight on a nice summer evening. She is 100% nude and desperately hoping no one sees her.

Before: Cam Dallas woke up with a slight burning sensation over most of her nude body. It took her a quick moment to realize that she had fallen asleep in the tanning bed. Why didn’t anyone wake her up? She thought to herself. She opened up the lid of the tanning bed to discover it was dark. She stood up and fumbled around for a light. After a few moments, the lights came on. The first thing she noticed was that her clothes were gone. That was weird.

She opened the door and to her surprise, the entire office was dark. What time was it? She walked back into her room and looked up at the clock. 1:57 am. What the fuck! How could they leave her in the tanning booth? She looked around frantically for something to put on. Nothing. Not even a fucking towel.

She thought for a moment. Since it was early morning, she may get away with walking home nude. Thank goodness the mini mall didn’t have super security. She pushed open a back door. No alarm.