HDWGH – Story 25 – Modern Spycraft

HDWGH – Story 25 – Modern Spycraft

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Charles Dooley’s face became an instant shade of pale as he looked through the telescopic lens of his spy camera. His wife was in the apartment complex across the way. Two floors down from where Charles was spying from his balcony. His wife’s hard nipples were pressed against the patio door glass as she took Doug Johnson’s incredibly large ‘Johnson’ from behind.

Before: He knew it was wrong. He also knew he liked watching. Charles Dooley had started watching his neighbor’s sexual escapades through a pair of old Army field googles he had acquired from his long since dead grandfather. Since those first few times, he had upgraded and bought a super serious rig capable of recording what he saw.

Charles didn’t have many friends. There wasn’t really anyone he could talk to about what he saw so he kept the Wednesday afternoon viewing pleasure to himself. He didn’t dare tell his wife. She’d make him take the rig back to the store and shame him into doing something else a lot less interesting.

Doug Johnson had a huge cock. It was no wonder that various neighborhood women would pay him a visit on Wednesdays. There were at least two dozen that he recognized from various social functions and he always felt a little bad for the husbands. If they only knew. If only, he could tell them.

Well, the one thing that made him feel comfortable in his manhood was the fact that his wife wasn’t one of the visitors.