HDWGH – Story 27 – Winning

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Artie Baker walked into the office with a smile on his face. The smile didn’t last long as everyone froze and stared at him. Nothing was said for a long moment before money began changing hands. Had everyone just placed a bet on him for something? He had an incredible lunch hour and coming back to this weird behavior was just bizarre.

Before: Artie pulled Jeff’s boxers down to his ankles and immediately took his lover’s cock in his mouth. He had been craving it all day long. How soft it was when he first touched it and how hard it became in just a few moments of blowing on the tip lightly. He sat in his cubicle fantasizing about licking the entire length. He loved sucking cock. He would do it all day long if it wasn’t for this stupid “adult” thing he had to do. He didn’t think any of his fellow office workers either knew or cared that he was gay.

Jeff’s first squirt of cum went high but the rest of it settled into Artie’s waiting mouth. He swallowed every drop. These lunch rendezvous are what kept their relationship interesting and exiting. Sometimes he secretly hoped that someone would walk in on him as he had Jeff’s big dick in his mouth; making the onlooker jealous, no doubt.

No kisses or hugs just a hurried goodbye and Artie was headed back to the office feeling like he owned the world. This day was turning out to be the best day ever!