Vacation Ends

This was one of the few vacations that I’ve taken where I had a very clear agenda about what I was going to accomplish.

I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten most of the things done that I’ve wanted to.

I completed a few courses so I feel good about that.

There is still a lot to do as far as organization but I am off to a solid start.

I’ve never worked so hard on setting up the next vacations that I have. The next time I am off will be in July and by then, the pool will be in full swing but I’ll get to spend the entire time outside enjoying all of the things I’ve set up.

I hope everything will be worth it. I’ve spent a tad more than $20 dollars for an inflatable pool which is how thing whole thing got started.

If I were drinking, I’d hold up a glass and raise a toast to a week that I hope won’t suck too badly.