HDWGH – Story 55 – Jesus is Watching You

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: Jared Knoxville couldn’t help but grin although, to be honest, it was more like a bright white smile. The irony of the moment. The irony of the entire situation wasn’t lost on him. The Birkenstock wearing protester ,who had minutes ago been protesting his adult store video business, was laying in a pile on the ground beneath the very sign he had just been standing on a few moments before. The protester was obviously deceased. The sign reads “Jesus is Watching You.” A small broken sign that obviously belonged to the larger sign above reads “Please do not stand in this area. Weight limit 50 pounds.”

**Before**: Paul Weaver considered himself an upright man. He attended church every Sunday and was doing all of the right things to get into the kingdom of heaven. He took the irregular swirl pattern in his morning cappuccino to mean the today was the day he needed to protest the new Adult video store that had just opened in the downtown district. In his mind, it couldn’t have been more obvious. The swirl was almost pointing in the direction of the video store. 

Something had to be down to stop the spread of this filth. If no-one else was going to step up to the plate, he would. Ignoring the protests from his wife Gladys, Paul gathered up the cardboard and sign making supplies he needed and headed out of their small one story ranch home.