This is a true story.

Residents of an Austrian village will ring in the new year under a new name – Fugging – after ridicule of their signposts, especially on social media, became too much to bear.

They finally grew weary of Fucking, its current name, which some experts say dates back to the 11th century.

If I lived anywhere near there, this would be me…

Increasing numbers of English-speaking tourists have made a point of stopping in to snap pictures of themselves by the signpost at the entrance to the village, sometimes striking lascivious poses for social media.

QOTD – Nonsense

I’ve never understood the logic behind the statement “If you don’t vote, you are throwing your vote away.” I think it is utter nonsense. If I have a stone in my hand and I don’t throw it, how could I possibly have thrown it away?

Latest Miniature Project

Painted this one yesterday. It still needs some detail work but I’m moving on to the next one shortly.

IMG 3947

Update: I’m inserting a picture comparison. The above picture was taken with my iPhone X. The picture below was taken with my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

IMG 4058

Here are the colors I used.

IMG 3948

The Annoyed Beta Tester

I found this and couldn’t help but comment on it.

Screen Shot 2020 10 30 at 6 42 51 AM

My reply to this thread is below. Irritation, annoyance, and frustration are the very definition of what beta testers must go through. You are signing up to put up with it so I get a little irritated myself when I see people whine about it.

Screen Shot 2020 10 30 at 6 52 30 AM

HDWGH – Story 15 – Church Gossip

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: A very confused church pastor is standing at the church podium with a red handprint on his cheek and an angry wife standing in front of him.

Before: It was a beautiful spring day. A perfect morning for a nice country church service. During the pause in the service where the offering is being collected, Gladys Johnson turns to her friend Sarah Whitley and whispers “Poor Daniel Baker was up late last night looking for Dorothy’s pearl necklace. It seems she dropped it down the garbage disposal while cleaning up the evening dishes.” Arthur Harrington had a few hearing problems but knew what he just heard Gladys whispering. Daniel Baker gave Dorothy a pearl necklace and she treated him like garbage. Arthurs wife asked what he had just heard and he gave her his version. Rita asked Arthur’s wife what she heard and she passed on her version which was that Daniel makes his wife take his “pearl necklace” while he treats her like garbage. Dorothy was sitting next to Rita and heard the exchange.

Without missing a beat, she gets up while her husband is preparing to deliver his sermon and stands in front of him mortified. She slaps him in the face and says “How dare you tell people about our private sex life!”

Irrational Anger

There are some people that make me angry. I’m not sure why I harbor such anger for them. I can’t honestly say that it is justified. I generally like everyone so when an odd occurrence like this happens, I need to step back and try to figure out what the underlying issue is.

In the case of the female downstairs right now, I am pretty sure I know why she makes me angry. She constantly complains about her life and continuously asks for advice. Normally, you’d think that would be a good thing. The problem is that she never takes the advice. She knows how everything works. She knows her life is broken. She doesn’t know how to fix it. When you try to tell her how to fix it, well — see previous “She knows how everything works.”

I came to a point in my life where I knew that drinking beer every night and taking PMs to fall asleep was a serious problem. It is a problem I recognized and then corrected. I no longer drink beer and I no longer require PMs to put me to sleep. There are some other things I cut out but the point is that I acted. I took action to correct the problems. I took advice. I tried to make the appropriate changes.

Hyrum Smith (founder of the Franklin Planner system) once said that the difference between success and non-success is easily defined by “the successful person is willing to do that which the unsuccessful person is unwilling to do.” I love the lecture he gave where this comes from. Truly inspiring. Ok. Now, back to the anger.

I have friends that are constantly adjusting their lives to try and find that happy place. One of my friends even has a husband that thinks his happiness is based on buying a new pickup truck. If he could only have this one “thing” he just knows he’ll be happy. The problem is that is never happens. He is just left with emptiness and a need for self validation in many different forms. If I remember correctly, he also equates sex with love. If his wife doesn’t have sex with him, she doesn’t love him. Sometimes I think I should have been a head shrinker. I actually enjoy analyzing people. That isn’t the same as people watching.

People watching is finding amusement in the behavior of others. Analyzing is when you try to figure out their story. What drives them? Why don’t they look happy? Is the couple you are admiring having an affair or are they married to each other? Those are easy to figure out.

I may have to write another article about my opinions about marriage. I have no love for that institution and have solid reasons why not.

See? I feel better just writing this crap out. Now, if the female downstairs would just leave then everything will be just fine for the rest of the evening. Two words for her. Get. Out.

Update: The point of this post. The point of this post is that I am angry at the woman downstairs because she takes advantage of my friend. That is why she makes me angry.

Kindle Paperwhite

I have been using a Kindle for several years. The readability is outstanding and it almost feels like you have a book in your hand when you are using it.

There is one thing about the Kindle that I absolutely do not like— The interface. Finding a book to read can be extremely tedious. The touch screen is not what I am used to and at times it seems unresponsive. Finding a book using the Kindle app on my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone, or iPad is relatively easy compared to the product that Amazon created to just read books. I find that ironic.

If the Kindle lovers are lucky, perhaps Amazon will design and create something that addresses these issues. I have thought about getting an Oasis but lets be honest— why would I spend $299 on a device that doesn’t perform nearly as well as my phone? In addition to that, my phone can do other things. You can now buy a $300 iPhone that would outperform an Oasis in every measurable way.

Just my two cents about it. I am currently reading a David Weber book on my Kindle Paperwhite while reading Stephen King’s On Writing on my iPhone.

A New Way of Writing

I am writing this using Ulysses. The program has been around for a very long time but I’ve only just got around to trying it out. It is now a part of Setapp so I didn’t have to spend the money.

So far, I like the simplicity of it. I could write blog posts, stories, or whatever hits me and basically keep all of those things in the same place. The only exceptions to that would be Final Draft and Scrivener. Let’s face it, Final Draft is the standard for writing scripts. To me, Scrivener is the standard for writing short stories or novels.

This will probably be the perfect place to write all of those HDWGH stories. Of course, there are more of those on the way.

I’ll look forward to writing a detailed review in the days ahead.

Nudity in HDWGH Stories

I am often asked why my HDWGH (How Did We Get Here?) stories have so much nudity in them. Is it a direct reflection of my personality?

The short answer is no. Although I would consider myself a closet nudist which covers most people I believe, that isn’t the reason why I include a lot of nudity in my stories.

To me, the nudity is funny because of how other people in the United States view it. I watched a young woman change her top in Marseilles France in a McDonalds and nobody cared. Try doing that in the US. The United States has a weird view of nudity and it is always fun to exploit it.

I have a neighbor that has no problem letting her teenage daughter play violent video games where both sides are actively trying to kill each other but has a serious issue with her seeing nude people.

What is wrong with that? Everything.

You will continue to see stories involving nudity on my site and I will continue laughing every time I write them.

Bad Windows 10

Windows 10 is installing and rebooting without user consent for apps other than upgrades or security patches.

The apps take up no storage or other resources. Until now, though, installing Office web apps was optional. Windows isn’t asking for your permission, let alone informing you of what’s about to happen. Microsoft is potentially disrupting work or other important tasks to promote its online productivity suite.

I have Windows 10 in the form of a virtual machine that is made to behave because it resides in a computer sandbox. It is sad that I HAVE to do that.