The “..i..” in Team

Found on Reddit.

Random Funny

I found this one the other day on Reddit.

September 11 – 20 Years Later

Some pretty cool mentions this morning in the newspaper… …and on the Google homepage…

Two of my Favorite Ladies

6:30 am walk. Still trekking after all these years. — Nana Visitor (@NanaVisitor) April 26, 2021

HDWGH – Story 47 – Childhood Lost

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*- **Now**: Tanner Edwards stood in the school yard with a look of abject horror on his face. He didn’t pee his pants but at this point, it was an option he was considering. **Before**: Johnny Henry was...

HDWGH – Story 46 – Crack Hoarder

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*- **Now**: It had been three long months but Jackie Turner had finally won. The hoarder style family home she grew up in was finally empty. Now, her children could finally visit Grandmas house. **Before**: Jackie Turner’s mother...


The ideas for my HDWGH series come from all kinds of places. The next story is going to feature an idea that a co-worker had for cleaning up the home of someone who is considered a *hoarder*. The idea is so outlandish that…after laughing, I...

Same Marketing People?

Stillwater. Joe Bell. Almost the same picture.


Two Weeks of No HDWGH

It is the summer time after all and I am trying to get as much sun as is humanly possible before the fall gets here and robs me of the opportunity. I am hoping to be able to write some stories over the weekend but...



Two Scam Attempts

I’ve had a couple of phishing attempts this week. One was absolutely hilarious and the other one was disturbingly well done. The picture above didn’t remotely look like any email Amazon sends to anyone. On the other end of the spectrum, I give you this...

HDWGH – Update

I am thinking about taking a break from HDWGH for this week because of the programming I am doing. If I come up with something before the end of the day, I’ll post it. If not, there will be something next week.

Aliens or Not?

I am convinced that aliens would never visit this planet because they would have killed themselves off before they reached that level of technology. 👌🏼


HDWGH – Story 45 – Stepping Out

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*- **Now**: Brent Tressler couldn’t believe his eyes. One moment his wife of 30 years was standing on the roof looking over the city and smiling back at him while he mixed their cocktails and in the next,...

Saturday Night

I wasn’t sure what to write about this evening and then I decided to backup my MacBook Pro. This means that I can’t use it so it left me with a dilemma. How could I write a blog post without the main computer. Answer: Write...


Fear Culture

This happened on Sunday near me… Multiple people were injured at Spooky Nook Sports on Sunday afternoon after a sudden disorderly flight of players and spectators from the building caused several people to be trampled, according to Diane Garber, a spokesperson with the East Hempfield...