In Praise of Audiobooks

Great article in the Sunday paper about listening to audiobooks.

*Warning: Might be a paywall*

But that is a myopic view. Telling stories, after all, is an even older form of human entertainment than reading and writing stories. Banish any guilt you might harbor about listening instead of reading. Audiobooks are not to be feared; they do not portend the death of literature on the altar of modern convenience. Their popularity is a sign, rather, of the endurance of stories and of storytelling.

Kindle Paperwhite

I have been using a Kindle for several years. The readability is outstanding and it almost feels like you have a book in your hand when you are using it.

There is one thing about the Kindle that I absolutely do not like— The interface. Finding a book to read can be extremely tedious. The touch screen is not what I am used to and at times it seems unresponsive. Finding a book using the Kindle app on my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone, or iPad is relatively easy compared to the product that Amazon created to just read books. I find that ironic.

If the Kindle lovers are lucky, perhaps Amazon will design and create something that addresses these issues. I have thought about getting an Oasis but lets be honest— why would I spend $299 on a device that doesn’t perform nearly as well as my phone? In addition to that, my phone can do other things. You can now buy a $300 iPhone that would outperform an Oasis in every measurable way.

Just my two cents about it. I am currently reading a David Weber book on my Kindle Paperwhite while reading Stephen King’s On Writing on my iPhone.