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Media Bias

First, the Apple/Wall Street Journal version…

Screenshot 2023 05 31 at 7 47 20 AM

Second, the 1440 version…

Screenshot 2023 05 31 at 7 47 07 AM

Not difficult to see why I read 1440. Just. The. Facts.

No additional adjectives. I’m also showing my bias by not providing a link to the WSJ version.

Weird Apple Issues

I just got an update from Apple that seems a bit strange. There is one major problem.

– The update took my devices OUT of a development cycle. I had to flip switches to put them back in. If I wouldn’t have been paying attention, that could’ve been a big deal.

I pay to be in the Apple Developer environment. Why they would make a switch for it and then opt out the developers by default is weird.

Ok. Weird Apple rant over.

WWDC 2021 is Almost Here!

This is the yearly event I look forward to. The event where Apple releases the beta version of the next operating system.

The conference is all about software and in rare circumstances Apple has announced hardware but since this is a software conference, I wouldn’t bet on it.

I’ve tried to stay away from the speculation. I really don’t care what other people think and I just want to be surprised by Apple. The folks that work on these products should be the ones to tell me about them.

I’ll update this post as I find out what is going on.

Random Apple Things

I ordered AirTags on Friday and literally sat on the refresh key until the Apple store came back online so I could get my order in. It is ridiculous. I own that.

There was a pretty good article that John Gruber linked to about how Apple’s M1 chip strategy is more about unity than trying to sell several variations of the same chip. The $699 computer has the same processor as the $1699 machine. I think that shows how strange it is that Intel thinks they need to have several versions of a CPU.

If they turn around and put the M1 into an iPhone, then we’re talking serious M1 strategy.

Apple Versus Facebook and Privacy

I don’t see how Facebook comes out of this smelling anything other than a big hairy turd that no one even wants to look at. They’ve already been caught in the small business lie which this article confirms. Realistically, it wasn’t a stretch to hear Facebook talk about how Apple’s privacy changes would affect small businesses on their site and not want to throw up. The mere thought of that made me almost rethink my whole existence. Since when does Facebook give a fuck about anyone or anything that doesn’t make them money? Perhaps, I slipped into a parallel dimension where Facebook cares about things other than itself.

Facebook has been attacking Apple with campaigns that say the iOS 14 privacy changes will hurt small businesses, as many of them use Facebook’s platforms to advertise their products and services. However, a former Facebook employee argues that these changes may not affect small businesses as these businesses are usually located in specific cities or states, which makes it easier to determine the ad’s target audience without using IDFA trackers.

Using Facebook makes them money. That is why I rarely use it for anything. If you truly don’t like what a company does then by all means, do not support it.

Sometimes I think that the people that use Facebook and have the nerve to bitch about it are the reason why we can’t have nice things and we’re not living on Mars.

General Thoughts

I have a quick drive by style post about something that I think is important to the world in general.

Diabetes and blood glucose readings.

I read an article yesterday about Apple getting close to having the technology to read blood glucose levels without puncturing the skin.

That is a game changer.

Can you imagine what would happen to the industry in general if they introduce a watch that can do that?

My friends equipment to allow him to constantly monitor his levels costs hundreds of dollars per every 10 days. It is ridiculous.

If Apple puts those types of criminals out of business, I would be a very happy individual.

Thoughts on M1 MBP So Far

It has been a full day with the new laptop and I have to say that I’ve been doing almost everything with it.

I had to install a crap ton of things and I have been doing all of that (including an operating system update to put this machine on the beta version of Big Sur) with the laptop only being charged up when I first got it.

I haven’t plugged it in at all and I still have a 55% charge even though I’ve been writing on it all day long.

My journal is one of the longest I’ve ever written, I wrote over 500 words for the latest short story, and tons of other things including this blog post.

The battery is amazing. I can’t see what I can get out of this thing.

M1 MacBook Pro 13″

I am happy to report that I just got my new MacBook Pro. I’ve been waiting for about a month as Apple had a backlog.

So far, I love this thing. My previous MacBook was a 15″ and I actually wanted the smaller version. It has all of the same things and the keyboard is tons better.

I’m not going to review it. Tons of people out there already have and would go into way more details than I would.

Europe’s Extortion of Apple 2016 to 2020

I’ve written on this subject in the past so I won’t go on about it.

The original context of this post is here.

The European Union decided back in 2016 that Apple wasn’t paying Ireland enough in taxes even though Ireland clearly said they were. Apple initially lost the ruling and has been paying the taxes into an escrow account.

Today, it was announced that they won their appeal.

I’m so happy that someone else recognized that the EU’s ecomomy shouldn’t rest of the shoulders of everyone else, including the companies of the United States. The very companies that invented most of your creature comforts. Yes. I went there.

It would be so cool if everyone else turned around and sued the EU for being total toolbags.

New York Times Leaving Apple News+

…and I say, so what?

I’m fairly certain that Apple will be around a lot longer than The New York Times. Legacy newspapers are dying. Having said that, I don’t think snubbing your nose at Apple is helping your brand stay afloat.

Subscriptions are down. They will continue to do so.

Article and links are over at Six Colors.

WWDC 2020 First Impressions

Wow! I have to admit that my expectations were slightly lower due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. I just didn’t think Apple was going to get as far as they may have planned because Corona happened.

I could not have been more wrong in my initial assessment. I am thrilled with what they presented. The presentation was absolutely wonderful and I’m sure a bunch of presenters were relived that they didn’t have to appear in front of a real crowd. I know I would be.

All of my devices are running the BETA software because I am insane and I like it that way. The look and feel, icons, and speed is just wonderful for the 1st version of the software. I usually have a lot more trouble.

The only casualty is something that always seems to break. My IBM iSeries software. It is java based and still manages to break with every upgrade.

There are so many other websites that are offering details this evening so I won’t add to the mix. I’d just like to say to Apple…well played!

The move to your own silicon…well, I won a bet from 5 years ago. I knew it was coming. They did not. I win. Hell, everybody wins!

Telling Apple What They Should Do

I believe I have commented on this subject before somewhere on this blog but I recently had the opportunity to post a comment to the article’s author. I can’t remember which website this was because there are so many. I saved this to my desktop and forgot about it.

New MacOS Catalina Screensaver

This is one of the new attractions coming in the next release of MacOS. Catalina reminds me of the Mountain Lion upgrade where mostly everything broke for me as a podcaster. Audio is the life blood of an audio podcast. I remember having to boot off an external drive with Lion on it just so I could continue to produce shows. The audio problem was corrected at almost the .3 release. Good times, indeed. Not. 🙁

New Screensaver Drift

MacWorld UK

Is entertaining to say the least…

via Macworld UK

The folks in the UK are no more knowledgable about what Apple is doing than silicon valley itself.

I do love their headlines however.

Ok…wait a tick…

Let’s take a tangent for a second. My sentence as it’s written above demonstrates the correct use of “their” as a possessive pronoun. The grammar/spell checker is highlighting it and saying that the use is incorrect. However, the grammar/spell checker is incorrect.

I do love they’re headlines however. <– NOT CORRECT

I do love there headlines however. <– also NOT CORRECT.

correct use of “their” as a possessive pronoun. Suck it grammar/spell checker!

As for Macworld UK, you are still entertaining.


Apple bought Shazam and I am very happy about this acquisition. Apple just announced that the deal has been finalized. Shazam identifies a song by listening to what you are listening to and then shows you what the name of the song is and who sings it. It even has a component to it that will show you the lyrics in real time as the song plays.

Shazam Logo

I’ve been using Shazam since it was first introduced. I can’t tell you how many songs I’ve identified with it. I’ve used it in a car, at the movies, in bars, and in restaurants.

For example, yesterday while I was playing Forza Horizon 3 on my xBox and there was a song playing that I was semi interested in. I used Shazam to find out it was a song called Bury It.

Shazam is a piece of AI that is absolutely useful and shows the true potential of the iOS platform.

Apple Announcements

Apple will be announcing new things today. I’ve tried to avoid other folks expectations and guesses because I want Apple to tell me what they are doing and not some scrub on a fan boy website.

Phil Schiller (Apple) has said that when leaks occur it really hurts the design team and steals their thunder in a rather unjust manner. 

If I worked on something for over a year then I’d want to be the one who announces it. Not some hack who is trying to get click bait.

Looking at you Apple Insider. No. I’m not posting a link so you can get even more click bait.

It is YOU

I’m happy that the author of this article is annoyed and my only regret is that I can make her MORE annoyed. Her annoyance is annoying to me.


And for the record, I’m pretty sure that it isn’t driving EVERYONE crazy. I am not. Therefore, the EVERYONE argument is null and void.

Apple’s iOS 12 beta is driving everyone crazy
We would if we could, Apple.

It’s not the end of the world, of course — a quick tap on “close” and the notification disappears — but it sure is annoying, and doesn’t really fill anyone with great hopes for a smooth roll out when the update becomes available generally.

via Engadget

New iMac 27″ and HomePod

This morning I ordered a new iMac 27″ to replace my aging 2011 iMac. The reason I wanted to upgrade the old one was simply because of software upgrades. I cannot upgrade my iMac to Mojave and for me — being able to upgrade your OS is of paramount importance, especially for a developer.

2018 iMac 27″

In addition to that, I also added a HomePod. The reasoning is that since I am already spending a gazillion dollars (actually $3000) on a new computer, I might as well go ahead and make it worse by adding a HomePod for a Gajillion more dollars (actually $350). Neither of these two things are as important as what my old iMac will do.

Update: I’m adding a snapshot of what the configuration consists of.

via Apple

I am selling it to someone with a computer that is five years older than my old iMac. For him, this will be an upgrade and since he is an older gentleman — the bigger screen will help his vision problems. That is what makes all of this worth it to me. I do like helping folks when it comes to computers.

If history is any indication, my review will probably be something like “Wow. This is cool.” I know. I am a deep person. Don’t judge me.

Update: 08.21.2018 – HomePod arrived today. Sounds incredible!

Congratulations Apple!

Apple reached a 1 trillion dollar market valuation yesterday which makes them the first company to do so. Ever. Below is Tim Cook’s letter to his employees via MacRumors.


Today Apple passed a significant milestone. At our closing share price of $207.39, the stock market now values Apple at more than $1 trillion. While we have much to be proud of in this achievement, it’s not the most important measure of our success. Financial returns are simply the result of Apple’s innovation, putting our products and customers first, and always staying true to our values.

It’s you, our team, that makes Apple great and our success is due to your hard work, dedication and passion. I am deeply humbled by what you do, and it’s the privilege of a lifetime to work alongside you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the late hours and extra trips, all the times you refuse to settle for anything less than excellence in our work together.

Let’s take this moment to thank our customers, our suppliers and business partners, the Apple developer community, our coworkers and all those who came before us at this remarkable company.

Steve founded Apple on the belief that the power of human creativity can solve even the biggest challenges — and that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. In today’s world, our mission is more important than ever. Our products not only create moments of surprise and delight, they empower people all around the globe to enrich their lives and the lives of others.

Just as Steve always did in moments like this, we should all look forward to Apple’s bright future and the great work we’ll do together.


Data Port Lock Down in 3..2..1

Apple. You brilliant bastard.

Let’s see you get around that one GrayKey.

Yes. I have written about this before. It just keeps getting better. Apple initially reduced the time that the data port could be active without a passcode to about a week. In iOS 12, the port was locked down after an hour. In the latest Beta (version 4), well…it is off unless you unlock it with a passcode which is what GrayKey can produce if only it had access to the data port…which it now — does not.

<insert hysterical laughter here>

iPhone Survives 1000 ft Drop

via Apple Insider

According to WHO TV in Iowa the woman, Sarvinder Naberhaus, assumed the phone was gone, but upon landing she tried the Find My iPhone feature in an attempt to locate it. It didn’t work the first time, but before going to buy a new phone, she tried once more.

That second try, it turned out, was successful. After following the trail for a while, Naberhaus spotted the phone in tall grass in a residential neighborhood, without a scratch, while displaying a notification about an upcoming meeting.

“I literally went into shock,” said the second passenger Donna Johnson. “‘I asked this is this for real? Is that the same phone?'” and I said ‘this is a miracle phone, you can’t drop a phone 1000 feet and have it still work!'”

Naberhouse, the author of multiple books, told the TV station that incident is proof that “God has a sense of humor.”

I’m not sure about the last sentence. I would chalk this up to great engineering which actually, could have been influenced by the almighty.