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Random Cuteness

via notcot.org…

Show of The Year

According to E! It is a show I’ve never even heard of. Not only that, but it’s in it’s 6th season. Supernatural Ok. Yeah. Sure. Whatever.

Random Thoughts

This morning (first post of 2011 huh?) I got to thinking about what was wrong with Caprica. Why did the Sy-Fy Channel cancel it? Of course, they’ll site viewer numbers and say that people weren’t watching it. I think that would be partially accurate. People...

An Apparent Misconception

Check this out. People who watch funny videos on the internet at work aren’t necessarily wasting time. They may be taking advantage of the latest psychological science — putting themselves in a good mood so they can think more creatively. That’s a great discovery except...

What Does Your State Do Best?

You can see the big full screen shot here.

An Old Kind of Funny

The pictures of these letters speak for themselves. Original post is here.