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iPad Apps

Fieldrunners 2 for iPad

This game is my latest addiction on the iPad. This is not a game that you'll find yourself playing for a small amount of time. I'm always looking up at the clock and saying something like “damn!” You can get the game here.

Bad Piggies – A Review

  Rovio has just introduced Bad Piggies into the wild. This game has been expected for some time even though we really didn't know what kind of Angry Birds spin there would be on it. As it turns out, there is very little resemblance to...

Not Blogsy’s Fault

I recently blamed Blogsy for completely destroying the formatting on a post I wrote about internet radio. I jumped the gun and in the end, it wasn’t Blogsy’s fault after all. It was my website provider for stuckatmydesk.com. ALL of my other sites are on...

iPad App Review: Blogsy

This review is written in Blogsy. How appropriate? Blogsy is from Fomola and available in the App store for $2.99 As you may surmise from the name, it is software for writing your blog posts on the iPad. So far, I’ve found the interface to...