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Fieldrunners 2 for iPad

This game is my latest addiction on the iPad. This is not a game that you'll find yourself playing for a small amount of time. I'm always looking up at the clock and saying something like “damn!”

You can get the game here.

Bad Piggies – A Review

Bad Piggies by Rovio


Rovio has just introduced Bad Piggies into the wild. This game has been expected for some time even though we really didn't know what kind of Angry Birds spin there would be on it.

As it turns out, there is very little resemblance to the original block buster iOS game.

What made Angry Birds so popular has been completely abandoned by Rovio in this new game. AB was a joy to play because you just fling birds at pigs. Pretty simple. A great diversion and time killer that didn't require any more thinking than “how far do I pull back on the slingshot?”

Very similar to “Amazing Alex” (another Rovio game), Bad Piggies requires that you build things and well…think. I'm sure that a few folks will enjoy that type of thing. I don't.

I have a few games on my iPad but the ones I tend to like the most are not the ones where a tremendous amount of thinking is involved. Little Generals is a great game. You simply blow stuff up. Yatzee is very simple. The iPad game does most of the thinking for you.

Sounds like Mike doesn't like thinking…doesn't it?

Well, I write stories, programs, movies, etc. When I turn to my iPad for a quick diversion, I like simple.

Bad Piggies is not simple.

A complete turn from Angry Birds and a complete miss for Rovio as far as I'm concerned.

(Update: 10.3.2012 – Additional thoughts. What I think this game should be is a building of structures that end with the birds being thrown against them. How many pigs you have left should determine how well you do. )

Not Blogsy’s Fault

I recently blamed Blogsy for completely destroying the formatting on a post I wrote about internet radio. I jumped the gun and in the end, it wasn’t Blogsy’s fault after all. It was my website provider for stuckatmydesk.com. ALL of my other sites are on a different server that I have complete control over. My personal website was hosted somewhere else and I didn’t have total control over it.
I have since changed that. I’ve moved the site back to MY servers and Blogsy is working just fine.
I must apologize to Blogsy. Sure, you make me angry in other areas but you DO fundamentally work well on the iPad 2 so I actually have very little to complain about.
The Actual Issue
I believe the problem was with the server configuration itself. I reinstalled WordPress both automatically through the administration panel and then manually using FTP and neither one of those solutions worked or made a difference.
I changed the DNS servers and tried posting something and it worked just fine.
Combined with the extremely slow loading times I got last night around 8:00 pm, the decision to move things off of that provider’s servers became even more of an imperitive.
Blogsy is highly recommended and you can get all of the latest news at blogsyapp.com

iPad App Review: Blogsy

This review is written in Blogsy. How appropriate?

Blogsy is from Fomola and available in the App store for $2.99 As you may surmise from the name, it is software for writing your blog posts on the iPad.

So far, I’ve found the interface to be a bit cumbersome compared to the WordPress app. The major problem I had with the WordPress app was links and using pictures inside of your posts.

Blogsy makes this process a bit easier although I’m still not very happy with the way you create links in your posts. I think this process could be done much easier.

Overall, it’s not a bad app for the price and worth a look if you have an iPad.