MacOS High Sierra

September Vacation

I have a much of stuff I’d like to do this time around. My last vacation was a trip to Georgia. This time I plan to stick around the house.

I plan on using a lot of time to code but I also want to work on some of my Minecraft creations. Over the weekend, I found a lot of designs that I had done previously but when I revisit them now, they look completely wonky. I’m pretty sure that is a real word.

I plan to keep track of what I am doing. I believe iOS 11 and MacOS official releases come out this week.

Hopefully, I won’t screw off too much.

Update: The original plan was to post about what I did each day while on vacation but as it turns out, I played way too much Minecraft. I built a resort town and am actually still working on it. I think that is very ironic.

Lock Screen Menu Option in MacOS High Sierra

I just found this tonight as I was messing around with other things. Ok, things that might rhyme with KindCraft.

MacOS High Sierra has a new option under the Apple Menu. It is new to me anyway. I don’t remember seeing this in Sierra.

The ability to lock your screen with the menu or key combinations is cool and something I would use.

Apple’s Latest OS Releases

It is that time of year when Apple releases the beta versions of the next OS releases. I will admit that I do not really like the “High Sierra” name for MacOS. I was hoping for something cooler.

I have installed iOS and MacOS. I plan on installing WatchOS and TvOS at some point.

So far, I love the iPad changes. A full dock is absolutely wonderful. The file system access is nice too but I don’t see Dropbox in the sidebar so I’ll have to figure out why that is.

I am very excited about the next releases.