Mike’s Writing

Personal Organization

I have been obsessing over personal development for the last several weeks.

I am working on a personal workflow and trying to figure out how to make writing to this blog a part of that. After all, writing to this blog is important to me. I realize that I may be the only one who reads this trash, but it’s my trash.

I’ll probably work on a solid post outlining all of the tools I am using to make my personal workflow actually flow better.

Once you can actually identify what is important to you, the process is much easier. This is an area in which I have consistently failed in. I suffer from the something shiny syndrome.

I’m looking forward to posting new content along with a couple of short stories real soon now.

I also just realized that I have a category called “Fonk Europe in the Face.” Yes. It is pretty funny.

The Star Trek Universe

I’m always humbled to write a script idea and Star Trek Repulse is no exception.

I was able to write most of the story line today and it’s a real tear jerker to Star Trek fans.

Fueled by a need for revenge, a technology we haven’t seen before, and a death count in the billions, Starfleet faces an enemy that will stop at nothing until they are destroyed.

The Qutarians start a conflict that Captain John Burton hopes to bring to an end. He’s lost his parents and is now forced to return to the planetary system where they died. Unfortunately, his new ship now bares the name of Repulse. The same ship that had been destroyed along with his parents all those years ago.

Lansu won’t forget. He won’t forget about a wayward nacelle crashing into his settlement on Delvian 2 and taking the life of his beloved wife Kara. The Qutarians want revenge. They build a massive ship to fulfill that purpose.

Armed with a “phase based” technology Lansu begins a crusade of destruction. Destroying whole worlds, he begins to make the Federation pay for what they have done.

When Lansu destroys Captain John Burton’s home world and his aunt and uncle, the need for revenge becomes the “pulse” of John Burton’s command decisions.

Armed with a small Federation Starship, John Burton has a score to settle.

The battle for Earth’s survival begins with…

U.S.S. Repulse