Science Fiction

Happy May!

Great way to celebrate for a geek. With a fantastic sci-fi Dust movie. Oceanus is very well made and highly recommended. It is a bit over 30 minutes long but well worth your time.

COPS versus Terminators

I absolutely LOVE the Terminator franchise. All of it. I found this by way of Daring Fireball. Read the whole thing. If you are a Sci-Fi junkie, you’ll appreciate the message.

By now you’ve probably heard the news that a Terminator has killed another innocent civilian just days after the last innocent civilian was killed by a Terminator. This unfortunate incident has led to renewed calls to divert funding from the Terminator program and reallocate it into other services that would prevent Terminators from being necessary in the first place. But just because a growing number of Terminators have ignored their AI programming and begun slaughtering humans left and right doesn’t mean we should take the dangerous and radical step of defunding the Terminator program.

via McSweeney’s

Time for A Short Story

I wrote a story a couple of years ago called “P-5443 or Bust.” I’m not sure why I chose the name but it seemed fitting for the story itself.

I’ve added the story to the short story tab above.

I just re-read it and I still like the story — especially the ending. Hat Tip to my friend John who always believes that stories need hope — somewhere.

There is some hope in this story…sort of.

It is a very quick read. The idea was a small word count. I was originally going to submit this to the yearly PBS writing contest but never got around to it.


Star Trek Fan Film Lawsuit Finally Settled

To anyone who has not seen the trailer, Axanar had released a Star Trek fan trailer that caught the eyes of Paramount and CBS as being a bit over the top for it’s liking. The trailer has former Star Trek actors which is a fan film violation. That wasn’t the only problem.

J.J. Abrams made a statement that basically stated that Paramount and CBS should drop the lawsuit and  allow Axanar to make it’s movie. Well , it didn’t work and both companies went full speed ahead on a lawsuit.

That lawsuit has finally been settled.

For more details go here.