Short Stories

Short Stories

Bad Human Behavior Continues

I am having too much fun writing my current series.

The absolute dregs of society. People who project violence and sometimes hatred on others. Sometimes the violence is somewhat justified and sometimes it isn’t.

I can’t believe how much fun it is to write this kind of stuff down and have it form a cohesive story that is baked into a science fiction adventure.

Human violence. Alien violence.

Fun for the whole family.

Stay tuned.

A Good Story

There are a few stories in this collection of short stories I am currently writing that I personally think are great stories.

The story I am currently working on highlights the very worst of humanity in the beginning of the story. It will progress to something else entirely and for reasons that only a science fiction story can deliver but I have to admit that I am having a blast writing it.

In one way it is a good thing but in another way, I find it sad that it is so easy to write how bad human beings can be to each other. There isn’t one of these scenarios that you couldn’t easily imagine as actually happening.

I can’t wait until these stories are published.

Time for A Short Story

I wrote a story a couple of years ago called “P-5443 or Bust.” I’m not sure why I chose the name but it seemed fitting for the story itself.

I’ve added the story to the short story tab above.

I just re-read it and I still like the story — especially the ending. Hat Tip to my friend John who always believes that stories need hope — somewhere.

There is some hope in this story…sort of.

It is a very quick read. The idea was a small word count. I was originally going to submit this to the yearly PBS writing contest but never got around to it.