Topics for Writers

Preachy Writing

I try to stray away from telling anyone what they should do. I realize that this is an opinion piece but it still is basically telling you what to do.

I think most people who are smart enough to watch WWDC are also smart enough to make up their own minds about when to buy a new Mac.

Motivated Writer

 After finishing “How Firm a Foundation” by David Weber I find myself incredibly motivated to write. I was curious about when the next book would come out and so I went to David’s website.

On the front page was a post explaining that David is busy writing the 6th book of the Safehold series and in addition to that, he also has a Twitter account and he’s tweeting updates.

I suppose that after seeing that David is already hard at work on his next book shows me that I need to be hard at work on my screenplay.

Thanks David.

Story Ideas

This is why I love The Writerly Life

Writerly Story Idea

The idea is that you look at this picture. Study it if you need to and then write a short story about it.

I love doing stuff like this.

Perhaps, I’ll post my story later this weekend.