Zombies are Coming

The Go to Hell Bag and Zombies

It is called many things but I believe there is a difference between a “Go Bag” and a “Go to Hell” bag. Being a former military member I am well aware of what they are. It is a pack ready to go in case the world goes to shit and you need to get out of dodge — quickly.

I won’t go into details here because that is not what this site is about. I do want to discuss why I am writing about it. First, I miss my iPad Pro. It has always been one of my favorite computers for writing but I haven’t been using it much these days. That is a real shame. This thing rocks!

I guess the real reason I am mentioning a GTH bag is because I find myself inspired by all of the science fiction I’ve been reading lately. Most of them are about either a zombie acopalypse or the end of the world as we know it. Most stories have a military component and that includes GTH bags. It caused some reflection on me and my training as a member of the military. I find myself wondering why I didn’t have a GTH pack ready when I know they make perfect sense no matter what life is currently throwing at you.

I’ll post a link to a great article about GTH packs and what you should pack in them. This site is great.

Planning for an emergency situation is always a smart idea. Know this — you will definitely be in the minority when trouble hits.

Be prepared. The zombies could be coming…