A Week with COVID-19

09/04 – I got my first Covid-19 shot.

09/09 – I rode into work with a co-worker. Unknown to both of us at the time, one of their family members was infected with Covid.

09/10 – My co-worker started getting sick in the PM.

09/12 – I was laying out in the sun and began coughing sporadically. By 1530, I had the beginnings of what felt like a fever. By 1630, I was in bed with the covers pulled over me. It was a long night and I ended up with an extremely high temperature. Perhaps, the highest temperature I had ever had.

09/13 – Felt pretty good except still had the cough. Felt a little chilly.

09/14 – Now we have a boatload of congestion. Needed to take PMs to make myself fall asleep. Feverish off and on but nothing like the first night.

09/15 – Pretty much the same thing as the day before.

09/16 – New problem. Now, I can’t smell or taste anything. Took a sample and sent it to Amazon Labs for analysis. Should have results in 24 hours. Kim picked it up and dropped it off at UPS for me.

09/17 – Still can’t taste or smell. I am able to breathe through my nose which has been hit and miss the whole time. Received a message that the lab has received my sample. I should know within 24 hours what the results are. Pretty sure it will be positive.

**Update: 09/24** – *Results of the test were positive. I expected no less. My sense of smell and taste has slowly been returning. Two days ago, I caught a faint whiff of my shower soap and then could barely smell my deodorant. This morning, I can taste coffee. I can smell my chapstick. Today, I’ll see if I can find out about returning to work on Monday.*


Somebody I started watching on YouTube a while back. Ali Abdul sends out a newsletter every week or so and this is something that I found to be so true.

CleanShot 2021 09 14 at 12 33 24 2x

HDWGH – Story 47 – Childhood Lost

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: Tanner Edwards stood in the school yard with a look of abject horror on his face. He didn’t pee his pants but at this point, it was an option he was considering.

**Before**: Johnny Henry was having the time of his life. He was listening to his classmate discuss the money he had just gotten for leaving a tooth under his pillow. One thing Johnny Henry loves more than chocolate ice cream on Sunday mornings is other people’s misery. Boy, was he going to have a blast with this one.

“Hey Tanner. Yeah, the money doesn’t come from a fairy. Your parents gave it to you. While we’re on the subject, Santa Claus…nope. Your parents. Easter Bunny…nope. Your parents. Sorry to have to break it to you.”

Tanner stood there with his mouth open. This was not happening.

HDWGH – Story 46 – Crack Hoarder

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: It had been three long months but Jackie Turner had finally won. The hoarder style family home she grew up in was finally empty. Now, her children could finally visit Grandmas house.

**Before**: Jackie Turner’s mother was a hoarder. She had been a hoarder all of Jackie’s life. When Jackie grew up and moved away, she was thankful that her lifestyle choices didn’t mirror her mother’s. Jackie kept a clean home.
As the years went on, Jackie was constantly forced to make up excuses as to why the kids couldn’t go to grandmas’ house. She didn’t want her children to see what hoarding is. Her old family home was so packed with various items that you couldn’t move anywhere in the house without touching something. Literal tunnels of walkways led you through the house. It was almost like a maze.
While sitting at a local bar, Jackie overheard a conversation between two other women. They were discussing funny things they wished they could do to other people. Neither one would actually do anything but it was when they got to their idea of how to clean up a hoarders house that Jackie’s ears perked up.

Crack cocaine.

The idea was ridiculously simple but yet designed for results. Introduce the hoarder to crack and through natural progression, they’ll soon be selling off their household goods to pay for the crack habit. It was really brilliant when you thought about it.

So, a plan was born.


The ideas for my HDWGH series come from all kinds of places.

The next story is going to feature an idea that a co-worker had for cleaning up the home of someone who is considered a *hoarder*.

The idea is so outlandish that…after laughing, I thought was one of the funniest things I had heard in a long time. What makes this so funny is that it could actually work.

I look forward to writing and posting this one tomorrow.

Two Weeks of No HDWGH

It is the summer time after all and I am trying to get as much sun as is humanly possible before the fall gets here and robs me of the opportunity.

I am hoping to be able to write some stories over the weekend but I am also programming so I have a lot of projects going on.

As soon as the programming tasks are completed, I’ll get back to writing.


Two Scam Attempts

I’ve had a couple of phishing attempts this week. One was absolutely hilarious and the other one was disturbingly well done.

IMG 5945

The picture above didn’t remotely look like any email Amazon sends to anyone.

On the other end of the spectrum, I give you this one.

Screen Shot 2021 08 21 at 5 57 32 AM

This one should get an award. They went so far as to register a domain that if you try to directly access the root, they send you to the legitimate site. The link in the email would still work but trying the address directly in your browser does a re-direct.

Very clever. My subscription isn’t remotely close to being due but anyone not paying attention would have clicked the link.

**Sidenote**: NEVER click an email link unless you are 100% certain about what it’s for. For example, some websites need to send you an email to verify your address. These are ok. You initiated the email request. All good.

In this case, I knew my subscription didn’t expire so I was immediately suspicious.

I logged into the account using the real log in just to confirm. I suggest you do this when you are unclear about any email. This only confirmed what I already knew. Nothing is expiring.

HDWGH – Update

I am thinking about taking a break from HDWGH for this week because of the programming I am doing.

If I come up with something before the end of the day, I’ll post it. If not, there will be something next week.

Aliens or Not?

I am convinced that aliens would never visit this planet because they would have killed themselves off before they reached that level of technology. 👌🏼

HDWGH – Story 45 – Stepping Out

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: Brent Tressler couldn’t believe his eyes. One moment his wife of 30 years was standing on the roof looking over the city and smiling back at him while he mixed their cocktails and in the next, his wife went over the side of the 15 story building. By the time he made it over to the edge and looked down, her body was surrounded by onlookers.

**Before**: Amy Tressler felt like she was being choked to death every single day she had to spend with her husband Brent. He didn’t really know how she felt. Brent wasn’t the kind of man you could talk to. If you had “feelings” about anything it was best to keep them to yourself. She needed out of the nightmare of a marriage. Enter, Doris Hopper.

Doris was a friend of at least 15 years and one of the best stunt woman in the entire movie industry. After relating her anguish to Doris, Amy felt a sense of hope as Doris laid out an entirely plausible plan that could help remove Amy from the marriage she felt so stuck in.

As Amy looked at her husband on the roof top of their penthouse, the plan was already in motion. The window cleaner was a few feet below. Amy activated a small speaker unit and as she landed on the window washer platform, she hurled the speaker over the side so that her scream could be heard on the way down. A small net was deployed by Doris’ stunt company to catch the device and abruptly turn it off. To anyone listening, it would sound like someone screaming as they fell to their doom.

On the street below, Doris was made up to look like Amy and was lying still while the rest of her crew acted like innocent bystanders. To anyone looking down from the penthouse suite, it would look like Amy fell to her death to the street below.

Amy was helped inside the building by Doris’ son John who happened to be conveniently operating the window washing assembly at the time. It took 5 seconds to recover Amy and retract the unit into the building before Brent looked over the side. Something Amy and John rehearsed for 3 weeks.

A few fake police finished the ruse and Amy Tressler was now a ghost.

Saturday Night

I wasn’t sure what to write about this evening and then I decided to backup my MacBook Pro. This means that I can’t use it so it left me with a dilemma. How could I write a blog post without the main computer.

Answer: Write the post on the iPad. I am doing that now but I am not using the external keyboard but rather the on screen keyboard. It isn’t too bad on the iPad Pro. the screen is so big that it feels like you are typing with a full sized keyboard anyway.

I had a couple of major projects I wanted to finish this weekend and I have finished one of them. The other major project was to try and fix and old iMac but atlas, it is not really fixable. not for a reasonable amount of money. The problem is the video card. This used to be my computer and I remember having to get the video card replaced a year or so after I bought it. In fact, it failed just after the warranty ran out. Of course.

I plan on getting a new iMac when the bigger sized machines come out. With the chip shortage, I don’t know how long that will be.

Anyway. That is a quick look into my excessively boring life.

Sorry for your pain.