Mary G. Ross is Dead

Sorry Google. It is really NOT her birthday. She is DEAD. She stopped having birthdays in 2008. It isn’t even her DEATH day. Wrong on both counts.

Because Y’all Know How I Feel About This

Google. Stop hijacking words to make them mean what you want them to mean. Fonking motherfonking shizznods.

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Just like to say for the record that I remember holding this guy as a baby when I was 13 years old. Pretty sure he would have no problems holding me at this point. Happy Birthday baby brother!

Happy Birthday Penny!

I’d like to wish my eternal friend a very Happy 50th Birthday today! Know that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you are loved. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to KB!!

My daughter is almost over the hill. That means I am well over it and have probably fallen down. Happy birthday K.

Happy Birthday to Penny

Just because we are no longer together doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t remember your birthday. 🙂 Even though you will probably never see this post, I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday just the same.