A Tragedy in Elizabethtown

For anyone who visits my humble website outside of the Lancaster area, this demonstration of violence towards a young child will make you gasp. This is from Lancaster Online (Sorry. It is a subscription website. Sidenote to LNP…that also means that the traffic driven to your website will most likely never pay to read the article.)

Blake’s sudden death came after an altercation on Monday, Aug. 6, in Elizabethtown Borough Park. Authorities said 24-year-old David Mikeal Skalla approached Blake about music that he and his friends were playing and that contained profanities.
After a verbal altercation, witnesses said Skalla hit Blake four times in the face and head. Blake collapsed without trying to defend himself, they said.
The district attorney’s office announced criminal homicide and aggravated assault charges against Skalla about an hour after Blake’s father announced his death on Friday.

via Lancaster Online

This tragedy will end up costing two lives. All because Skalla took the path of violence to solve a problem he could have simply walked away from.