Cracking iPhones?

As an Apple iPhone user, I am grateful that Apple takes security and privacy seriously. So much so, that they’ve been to court many times over it.

A story from Engadget this morning sounds troubling. Apparantly, there is a hardware device on the market that can crack iPhone security. From the article…

Based on an earlier report by Malwarebytes, GrayKey is a small box that can unlock two iPhones at a time. (See the two connectors in the image of the device below?) It was developed by Atlanta company Grayshift, which is run by long-time US intelligence agency contractors and a former Apple security engineer, according to Forbes. To use GrayKey, all cops need to do is connect a phone to it for two minutes. They simply have to wait a bit after it’s unplugged to see a black screen pop up with the passcode — how long they’d have to wait depends on how complex the passcode/passphrase is.

Hopefully, Apple will release a patch that will negate this device.

Another Mess. Please Excuse.

 I have changed back to my old trusty WordPress Theme but not without problems.

A whole lot of stuff needs to be reconfigured. I mean. Really? Who needs to update a damn theme?

I am tired of updates, especially security updates. Why? It tells me that you have no fu**ing idea how to fix your problem. The more security updates you push, the less you understand the problem. If you understood the problem and knew how to stop it…well…you get the idea. 

Ok. I’m done now.