How to see if your Facebook account was compromised

Follow this link. It will tell you if your account was hacked. There is a box near the bottom that looks like this… Slashdot has more information here.

Apple Security 5.0

I wrote about a device called GrayKey a while back that could unlock Apple phones. I was wondering how long it would take for Apple to come up with a way to defeat it. Looks like they have. Go Apple!

Cracking iPhones?

As an Apple iPhone user, I am grateful that Apple takes security and privacy seriously. So much so, that they’ve been to court many times over it. A story from Engadget this morning sounds troubling. Apparantly, there is a hardware device on the market that can...

Another Mess. Please Excuse.

 I have changed back to my old trusty WordPress Theme but not without problems. A whole lot of stuff needs to be reconfigured. I mean. Really? Who needs to update a damn theme? I am tired of updates, especially security updates. Why? It tells me...