Random Haberdashery

I don’t know what haberdashery means but it fit in the title. Ok, I know what it means but like Google, I like to hijack words to make them them mean what I want them to mean. So, henceforth — haberdashery means “shizz.”

First thing is that I got to work on a new MacBook. Not a MacBook Pro — just a MacBook. It is one of the smallest but I was impressed with the keyboard. I didn’t feel “cramped” working on it.

The other thing I’d like to post is the damage I’ve done to the lawn. Yep. My big ass tent left the mark you see below. Hopefully, this will grow back. I actually feel bad about it.

Impression made by Alps Mountaineering 4 Man Tent

A Night Out

Last night I decided to try out both my mid-range sleeping bag and the Winterial bivy style tent.

I was amazingly warm and actually very comfortable last night. The temperature was 58 F when I went to sleep and got down to low 40s when I woke up.

The air cushion also helped to make the overnight enjoyable.

Thumbs way up — can’t wait for camping season.

Testing the Bivy Tent

I bought this Winterial tent in the dead of winter so I was happy to finally be able to set it up in soft ground.

It is a single person tent. Easy to set up and also comes with a rain fly.

Here is the Amazon link. Highly recommended.