HDWGH – Story 57 – Overcompensating

HDWGH – Story 57 – Overcompensating

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: The red wine definitely stained Tinder Collins’ creme colored collar neck blouse. She had seen people throw their drinks on other people but she had never imaged that her own boyfriend would do it to her. He didn’t even give her a chance to explain before lofting his glass of Georges De Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon circa 2018 on her face and blouse.

**Before**: Jack Nethens seemed to be doing all of the right things. He landed one of the prettiest girls in the college as his steady girlfriend and just seemed to be “crushing it” in every aspect of his life. Tinder Collins invited him over to her parent’s house to meet them and enjoy a nice quiet evening with what he hoped would be his future in-laws.

Jack detailed his new blue 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E hoping to show Tinder that he would only provide the best for her. He put on the best casual clothing he owned and headed over to Clayton Avenue for the big evening. Nervous? Sure. He was certainly a little nervous.

The moment Jack walked in the door and met Tinder’s mother and father he knew he might be in trouble. It was easy to see that the parents didn’t seem to come from money at all. A bit unrefined would be an understatement. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to be in polite company. Was he even 60 seconds in before he heard the first fart joke?

By the time dessert rolled around, the evening had pretty much disintegrated into a full on assault aimed at Jack for owning an electric vehicle. The conversation devolved into politics and why he was wrong about everything. Finally, the comment that sent him over the edge. “Is it true that guys buy expensive cars because they have small penises?” The piece of cherry pie that Jack was working on fell out of his mouth. The question came from Tinder’s mother. What?

Tinder reacted quickly although not in the way Jack expected. “Well, he’s big enough momma. Though, he’s not quite as big as Tommy Watson,” Tinder said matter of factly. “I couldn’t sit straight for a month after Tommy.”

Jack stood up as if someone else was controlling him and grabbed his wine glass. Tinder’s dad looked strong enough but he wasn’t very fast. Jack wasn’t worried about fighting him. Without another thought, Jack threw the contents of his glass in Tinder’s face and walked out.

Without realizing it, Jack had just flexed his pedigree and… fuck Tommy Watson.

This Will NEVER Stop

Via AP

JERUSALEM (AP) — A Palestinian gunman opened fire outside an east Jerusalem synagogue Friday night, killing seven people, including a 70-year-old woman, and wounding three others before he was shot and killed by police, officials said. It was the deadliest attack on Israelis in years and raised the likelihood of more bloodshed.

The attack, which occurred as residents were observing the Jewish sabbath, came a day after an Israeli military raid killed nine Palestinians in the West Bank. Friday’s shooting set off celebrations in both the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, where people fired guns into the air, honked horns and distributed sweets.

The burst of violence, which also included a rocket barrage from Gaza and retaliatory Israeli airstrikes, has posed an early challenge for Israel’s new government, which is dominated by ultranationalists who have pushed for a hard line against Palestinian violence. It also cast a cloud over a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the region Sunday.

The only way to achieve peace is to take away the thing that the two children are fighting over. Simple parental tactics will solve this problem.

HDWGH – Story 56 – Bear Witness

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: A very naked Britney Walker let out an earth shattering scream and she dropped her Buffalo Trace and ice on the backyard deck. She was supposed to meet her husband Brad for a little afternoon hanky panky but much to her surprise, Brad was hanging from the railing playing dead as a big brown bear lay on its back in their “party of four” limited edition Jacuzzi. Apparently, having a good time without them.

**Before**: Brad was looking forward to spending some quality time with his wife. It had been ages since they had some alone time since the twins were born. A nice weekend in their Tennessee cabin would be just what the doctor ordered. While Britney was on her way to the cabin from work, stopping to grab a few groceries, Brad worked quickly to get everything ready for their arrival.
Britney was never on time. Never. Brad started to get hungry and decided to make a quick sandwich to hold him over until Britney arrived. He made a quick ham sandwich and while he began to set up the hot tub for their afternoon adventure, he set the sandwich down on the side that was least likely to get wet. No one liked a wet sandwich.
As Brad turned the last water valve to the open position, he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Expecting his wife, he turned around to find a big brown bear standing on its hind legs staring directly at him. Brad lept off the porch railing and hung on as he pretended to be dead. After all, he heard that was what you were supposed to do in these situations.

Article Titles to Avoid

I have a lot of ideas about what a good title should be when writing an article, book, chapters, or anything else that literally requires some sort of title.

In my most humble opinion, I don’t see the value in taking leaps or making assumptions about how the reader should “feel” about your article. Look at the following example.

19 Photos From Dumpster Divers That’ll Make Anyone Who Hates Waste Scream At The Top Of Their Lungs

Really? If I hate waste (hate is a strong word) then logically (in your mind) I should scream at the top of my lungs?

I don’t think so.

That headline isn’t even good click bait.

I don’t think that you should ever tell anyone how they should feel, how they should live, or anything else really. Why? No one is smart enough to do that. Let’s face it. People are dumb. ALL of us.

Yes. I include myself in that.

Perhaps, the article title could be written in a much better way.

19 Photos from Dumpster Divers.

That title alone peaks my interest. No need to tell me how I should feel about it. I can make that determination on my own. Thank you.

Scary Shit

This article should scare the shit out of you.

Programming is a powerful and ubiquitous problem-solving tool. Systems that can assist programmers or even generate programs themselves could make programming more productive and accessible.

Our movie makers have made countless films about the dangers of A.I. and what that type of future would look like.

Battlestar Galactica
The Terminator

Just to name a couple of them.

Artificial Intelligence or Smart Algorithm?

I stumbled across an ad this morning in the news journal I read.

Screenshot 2022 12 08 at 6 19 59 AM

There is a small snippet that says AI-Vetted.

I want to be clear. As of this writing, there is no such thing as AI. Artificial Intelligence implies sentience which has not yet been achieved. Another way of describing it would be the term “self-aware.”

Science hasn’t built that yet. We throw around the term AI as if that is what the process should be called. How about smart algorithm? It doesn’t sound as cool as AI. However, smart algorithm is what we should be using.

As soon as someone creates AI, I’ll be one of the first people to post about it as I make my way to a remote country to escape the SkyNet that will most assuredly follow.

The North

I am back home after a couple of weeks in Georgia. The trip was wonderful as always and I missed my friends.

It was great to see them and get caught up on things.

The South

I am currently in Georgia. This is an absolutely gorgeous state, albeit hot.

I’ll be here for a couple of weeks visiting with old friends.

I’m probably going to see the airline issues first hand when I go back in a few weeks.