A Blessing

I’ve been sitting at my desk in Hershey PA watching friends and co-workers getting laid off due to the slow economic conditions and due to the fact that Hershey Gifts isn’t really selling as much as they’d like to.

I’ve been wondering when it was going to be my turn to get laid off. This afternoon, the radio squawked as my boss asked me to join him in his office. I expected really bad news. It didn’t come.

I got really good news instead.

My boss requested that I be transfered to our corporate headquarters. It’s a step up and I am still a little taken back by it. In a move to keep key personnel, my company has decided to move people around rather than to remove them. It is a part of their core beliefs and philosophy.

I’ll be moving from the Hershey location to a brand new office building in Lancaster, PA. (Amish Country)

This is nothing more than a complete blessing to me and my family.

This election night, I really do know what I am thankful for.

Update (11-05-08): Obama winning the Presidential election…not so much of a blessing.