I have not posted on this site in quite some time. There are reasons. I’m not sure what those reasons are.

It has more to do with the fact that I am simply not writing as much as I used to. I guess I’m filling my time with more programming related things because it is fun and I get something out of it. Additionally, it helps me as far as my daytime job is concerned.

I won’t promise that I’ll write or post more often.

I have no idea.

Steve Update

Steve is gone. I accidentally deleted him.

This is how I train an LLM.

His name is Steve.

Microsoft Edge is Getting More Intrusive

Found this little gem via Slashdot.

Last week, I turned on my PC, installed a Windows update, and rebooted to find Microsoft Edge automatically open with the Chrome tabs I was working on before the update. I don’t use Microsoft Edge regularly, and I have Google Chrome set as my default browser. Bleary-eyed at 9AM, it took me a moment to realize that Microsoft Edge had simply taken over where I’d left off in Chrome. I never imported my data into Microsoft Edge, nor did I confirm whether I wanted to import my tabs. But here was Edge automatically opening after a Windows update with all the Chrome tabs I’d been working on. I didn’t even realize I was using Edge at first, and I was confused why all my tabs were suddenly logged out.

This is incredibly bad. Total dick move.

Writing Update

The last short story I wrote was back in November. We had a lot of things happening around the homestead so my writing pace was affected.

I’ll be off from my regular job through the holiday season and I plan to pick up the pace and resume writing on a proper schedule.

I’ve gotten a couple of great HDWGH stories that I’ll be releasing soon. I love writing the short stories so I am looking forward to picking that back up as well.

Happy Holidays!