HDWGH – Story 55 – Jesus is Watching You

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: Jared Knoxville couldn’t help but grin although, to be honest, it was more like a bright white smile. The irony of the moment. The irony of the entire situation wasn’t lost on him. The Birkenstock wearing protester ,who had minutes ago been protesting his adult store video business, was laying in a pile on the ground beneath the very sign he had just been standing on a few moments before. The protester was obviously deceased. The sign reads “Jesus is Watching You.” A small broken sign that obviously belonged to the larger sign above reads “Please do not stand in this area. Weight limit 50 pounds.”

**Before**: Paul Weaver considered himself an upright man. He attended church every Sunday and was doing all of the right things to get into the kingdom of heaven. He took the irregular swirl pattern in his morning cappuccino to mean the today was the day he needed to protest the new Adult video store that had just opened in the downtown district. In his mind, it couldn’t have been more obvious. The swirl was almost pointing in the direction of the video store. 

Something had to be down to stop the spread of this filth. If no-one else was going to step up to the plate, he would. Ignoring the protests from his wife Gladys, Paul gathered up the cardboard and sign making supplies he needed and headed out of their small one story ranch home.

The North

I am back home after a couple of weeks in Georgia. The trip was wonderful as always and I missed my friends.

It was great to see them and get caught up on things.

The South

I am currently in Georgia. This is an absolutely gorgeous state, albeit hot.

I’ll be here for a couple of weeks visiting with old friends.

I’m probably going to see the airline issues first hand when I go back in a few weeks.

Happy May!

Great way to celebrate for a geek. With a fantastic sci-fi Dust movie. Oceanus is very well made and highly recommended. It is a bit over 30 minutes long but well worth your time.

Freedom of Speech and Shitty Musicians

Not all music is great. Music is extremely subjective.

I listen to music because I think it is good. If I don’t like it, I don’t listen to it.

Movies and movie stars are the same. There are some that I always enjoy watching and some that I don’t. Hugh Grant comes to mind; his stuttering dialogue makes me want to stab myself in the hears. On the other hand, I watch anything Denzel Washington does because I like him.

There is a point to this post. The big Spotify problem with Joe Rogan and Neil Young.

I like Joe Rogan. I do not care for Neil Young’s music if that is what we’re calling it these days.

I find it hysterical for him to be worried about the sound quality of his (obvious to me) shitty music.

Apparently, Joni Mitchell has now done the same thing. Can’t wait to see how bad the listener numbers are for her shitty music. Again, this is my opinion. I am 54 so I’ve heard them, I just don’t care for them.

There is also something else to consider. Their fanbase isn’t growing. It is shrinking. It may surge after they die but I can’t imagine it surging that much. Nobody will care and life will go on.

Why all of the controversy? Well, Joe Rogan said some things they don’t agree with and I say, so. What.

I am probably saying this to people that don’t agree with me but there is a big difference. I simply don’t give a fuck. If I say something you don’t like, move on with your life. It is a choice. It is YOUR choice. You don’t have to read anything I do. The great thing about democracy and free speech is that we get to have differing opinions.

I may think your ideas are shit. I may think your music is shit. I am allowed to say it. That is exactly how free speech works.

I may agree with Joe Rogan or I may not. I am not such a shallow person that I would feel the need to alter my business arrangement with Spotify because someone on the platform said something I don’t agree with. That is behavior I would expect out of five year old that is playing with a toy that I want to play with.

Is Neil Young a baby? I think he is. I think he is an old whiney little bitch who has been told his whole life that his music is great. Sorry. Old fucker. You music is shit. Pull it from everywhere if you want to. I won’t be listening to your shit music anyway.

Additionally, I don’t listen to news channels because everyone has a bias and I never feel like I am just getting the news (like this) but this type of treatment of people with differing opinions is getting way out of hand.

If you don’t like or agree with something, don’t fucking watch it. We’ve become a nation of little pussies. I am ashamed.

Just so you know that I am not the only one who thinks that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell’s music is crap, here are a couple of blurbs from a RollingStone article on the subject.

Screen Shot 2022 01 29 at 5 43 41 AM

Screen Shot 2022 01 29 at 5 43 21 AM

Screen Shot 2022 01 29 at 5 42 35 AM

Additionally, I always find this old Vice story brings me a little joy every time I read it.

Screen Shot 2022 01 29 at 5 49 22 AM