Vacation 2017

September Vacation

I have a much of stuff I’d like to do this time around. My last vacation was a trip to Georgia. This time I plan to stick around the house.

I plan on using a lot of time to code but I also want to work on some of my Minecraft creations. Over the weekend, I found a lot of designs that I had done previously but when I revisit them now, they look completely wonky. I’m pretty sure that is a real word.

I plan to keep track of what I am doing. I believe iOS 11 and MacOS official releases come out this week.

Hopefully, I won’t screw off too much.

Update: The original plan was to post about what I did each day while on vacation but as it turns out, I played way too much Minecraft. I built a resort town and am actually still working on it. I think that is very ironic.

Vacation 2017 – Roundup

I will be finishing up my vacation posting with some more photos and commentary.

Probably won’t be until later on in the week or possibly, the weekend.

It was wonderful.

Vacation 2017 – July 8, 2017

The Plan…

This is the last full day of vacation in the great state of Georgia. We are planning to see a couple of sites today along with some kitten rescue work/relocation. Tonight we plan on having dinner at Ate Track. They feature a bunch of eight track players all about the restaurant. I plan on taking a ton of pictures while there.


Vacation 2017 – July 7, 2017

The Plan…

No big plans today. It is a work day for everyone here. I am catching up on some Lynda courses about photography.

The Reality…

My friend took me to see the Tellus Museum. I took 97 photos and below are just a few of them.

Vacation 2017 – July 6, 2017

The plan…

Today, a friend and I are planning to visit an eatery that features grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. After that, the plan is to go to Guitar Center (I’ve never been to one) and look at some audio equipment.

The reality…

We actually went to Tom + Chee and I had a most excellent sandwich. Crispy Garlic Chicken. Highly recommended. We stopped at a potential site for a hike as well. Those pictures follow…

Vacation 2017 – July 5, 2017

The Plan…

Today, my friend and I plan on visiting Kennesaw Mountain. They keep a national battlefield park there that I’d love to see. Someone made a joke last night that PA has more rich historic places to visit but this area is amazing! I had no idea that they filmed so many movies in this area. Cartersville gives tax breaks for the movie industry or some such thing. (Update: Did NOT visit Kennesaw but did visit a couple of other sites)

So far, this vacation has been so relaxing and wonderful.

Taking some time away from your job every now and then is something I should have been doing for a long time. I usually just take vacation and stay around the house.

I’ll add photos as the day progresses or at. the end of it.

The Reality…

My friend and I drove to some interesting sites instead because it got really hot outside, really fast.

Update: Some highlights from today…

Vacation 2017 – July 4, 2017

The Plan…

Go hiking and then eat a lot of food with friends.

The Reality…

Mission accomplished.

This morning my friend and I took a hike through a nearby state park. I was able to get some great pictures. We hiked a total of almost 5 miles.

Vacation 2017 – July 3, 2017

The Plan…

Today I am taking a road trip with my friend Kimberly.

I have no idea where we are going but that is ok. I plan to take a bunch of pictures.

I am also told that the local grocery store has a bar in it. No doubt, I will get pictures of that too.

Later this evening, we are going out to dinner somewhere and meeting up with some old friends.

From me podcast days, me thinks.

I’ll update this as the day goes on.

The Reality…

The first place we went to was a big chicken attached to a KFC. This won’t be around much longer (they are closing, I believe)

After that, it was breakfast at Marietta Diner. This place was huge and also as a point worth noting, they had a bar.

The next stop was taking a trip around the new Atlanta Braves stadium.

Then, we took a whole bunch of pictures of the old houses around Cartersville.

And then, we went to the biggest grocery store on the planet. Ok, at least Georgia, perhaps.

Ya’ll (Had to do it) cannot visit Cartersville without seeing the courthouse where they film all of the courthouse things in the movies.

We didn’t get any pictures of Henry’s. That is where we ate dinner.

My Big Fat Upcoming Vacation

I’ve decided to call it “big and fat” because that is probably what I’ll become while I am on vacation.

I’m looking forward to actually leaving my house and spending a week somewhere else. It is a strange concept but I’m sure I’ll get over it.

It has been a good year as far as my professional life but really horrible on the relationship side of things. I’ve recently had a talk with a friend of mine who I work with from time to time and we seem to be in the same spot. I asked him if he was interested in dating after what he just went through and he said he wasn’t. I have no desire to enter into any other relationships. I believe this was the last try for me. I haven’t had many in my life but it doesn’t take someone who is really good at relationships to recognize someone who is very bad at them. I aim to spare that future “special someone” from that experience.

This trip is a gathering of people who have been important in my life for the last several years. We’ve been there for each other when we’ve needed it and I am looking forward to relaxing with them.

I think I really need to get away. I’ve planned on doing something like this for many years but now, it is overdue.

My friend will be picking me up in a couple of weeks and off we’ll go.

I plan on taking a shitload of pictures. There will probably be podcast material generated. Who knows?