Weird Apple Issues

I just got an update from Apple that seems a bit strange. There is one major problem.

– The update took my devices OUT of a development cycle. I had to flip switches to put them back in. If I wouldn’t have been paying attention, that could’ve been a big deal.

I pay to be in the Apple Developer environment. Why they would make a switch for it and then opt out the developers by default is weird.

Ok. Weird Apple rant over.

Blog Update – Good Times

There has most definitely been blog inconsistency over the last couple of weeks and I wish I could explain it.

I think I’ve just been exhausted. I remember a couple of nights where I would get home from work and quickly end up in my bedroom.

I’m sure that loosing my younger brother last month has sucked some of the life out of me. I’m still devastated by it.

And now…

This is me making the adjustment. I have a bunch of tasks every day that I need to perform in order for me to call the day completed. That hasn’t been happening. Writing included. I keep the journal and I write in that everyday but my daily word push has fallen by the wayside since I finished *The 6th Iteration*.

So, today I get back into the solid routines I have created. I will begin the next short story. I will begin to spec out my screenplay which I still have no ideas about other than I want to adapt a short story. *Debauchery in B Minor* may be the one I go with because it is just a fun story.

Sometimes it is difficult to move forward with a tragedy you’ve suffered but moving forward is exactly what we need to do. I have a lot of things I want to do before I leave the world of the living.

I hope all of you do too.

*The picture is from the morning newspaper. It was taken in Chicago and when I see the sand, it throws me off.*

Busy Times

I am not really posting a lot right now. Our major project deadline keeps getting pushed back.

It is now going to be at the end of this month.

Once I get to the other side, I’ll have plenty of time to get back to writing which is something I love to do. I’d also like to write about my new amazing (and very stinky) 3 day pack.

I plan on doing a lot of camping this year. The idea is to set up a base camp and simply lounge about and write.

I’ll post more if I get the chance.

In A Flash…

We are half way through December and so far, I barely remember it.
Things are absolute “off the rails” busy at my day job.
Night projects have picked up.
And I barely have time to right a post about how busy it is.
Ain’t that some shit? (insert chorus here..”Ain’t that some shit”)

The Next iTunes Update Is Out


Hopefully, they’ve turned off the “you are not listening to this podcast enough so we’ll stop downloading it” option. I never liked that option.

Update: No, Apple did NOT turn off that option.