Busy Times

I am not really posting a lot right now. Our major project deadline keeps getting pushed back. It is now going to be at the end of this month. Once I get to the other side, I’ll have plenty of time to get back to...

In A Flash…

We are half way through December and so far, I barely remember it.   Things are absolute “off the rails” busy at my day job.   Night projects have picked up.   And I barely have time to right a post about how busy it...

Safari Update

If anyone is wondering why I post Apple updates well, I post them because I own an Apple.

The Next iTunes Update Is Out

Hopefully, they’ve turned off the “you are not listening to this podcast enough so we’ll stop downloading it” option. I never liked that option. Update: No, Apple did NOT turn off that option.

Java Update for OS X 10.5

There is also an HP Driver update that shows up after you do the Java update. I’m just sayin’