100 Days of SwiftUI – Update

The very first part of the course is usually done in a linear fashion using the website. However, I took there first part of the course on my iPad app which handles it a little differently. That being said, there will be a jump from...

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 10 – Optionals

Learning a ton on this one. Optionals never really made much sense to me but I have to admit, Paul is great at explaining the concepts.

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 9 – Protocols

Not gonna lie… This one kinda lost me. I’m sure this will come in handy when I am wondering why something isn’t quite working.

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 8 – Classes

Classes are another fascination for me. New things: 1. Final Class 2. Copying Object 3. Deinitializers

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 7 – Structs

Ok. This one took a couple of days to get to but I am finally through it. This is what attracted me to OOP (object oriented programming) in the first place. Structs are objects. I’ve always struggled with initializers and after this section, I finally...

100 Days of SwiftUI – Update

Yes. Now I have (3) days worth of material to get through to be up to date. I am part way through Structs. Should be able to do this today.

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 6 – Closures

Probably one of my least favorite things. It seems a bit ridiculous because I guess we’re just not using practical examples. I don’t see where I would ever want to use these. I’m just clicking through the quizzes and that it terrible but that is...

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 5 – Functions

Variadic is a new term for me. The ability to pass many things into your function by using… func square(numbers: Int…) { for number in numbers { print(“\(number) squared is \(number * number)”) { { square(numbers: 1,2,3,4,5) 1 squared is 1 2 squared is 4...

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 4 – Loops

Today, we went over the various types of loops. Most of the loops covered, I don’t use. I still enjoyed visiting them again.

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 3 – Operators and Conditions

If I post nothing else in the next 96 days, it will most certainly be a Swift update! This is one of my favorite topics and one of the first reasons I fell in love with programming back in the 80s. I love logic statements...

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 2 – Arrays and other things

Complex data types and I are not friends but I muddled through the 2nd day. I don’t use most of the data types that we went over nor can I see right now where I would use some of them in my day to day...

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 1 – Variables and other things

I am working through 100 Days of SwiftUI. I’ve been watching Paul Hudson videos for a while and he is a great teacher when it comes to Swift in general. I highly recommend the FREE course if you are interested in programming in Swift. Post...