Personal Quote

Sometimes when I am in the bathroom in the morning, I’ll be thinking about a topic and just proceed to create a great quote from it. The key to remembering everything is to NOT remember anything. You are probably shaking your head. “This is complete...

Quote of the Day

Sure. It is a ground breaking idea. If digging a grave was what you were going for. -me. Yep. I said that.

QOTD – Vacuum of Space

Dark matter is a failure of science to understand what a vacuum truly is and that armchair quarterbacking the universe from a single planet will lead to futility. Mike Williams, Know-it-All

QOTD – Society

Society would be a lot better off if we would all stop lying to one another. –Mike Williams

QOTD – Nonsense

I’ve never understood the logic behind the statement “If you don’t vote, you are throwing your vote away.” I think it is utter nonsense. If I have a stone in my hand and I don’t throw it, how could I possibly have thrown it away?