Artificial Intelligence or Smart Algorithm?

I stumbled across an ad this morning in the news journal I read.

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There is a small snippet that says AI-Vetted.

I want to be clear. As of this writing, there is no such thing as AI. Artificial Intelligence implies sentience which has not yet been achieved. Another way of describing it would be the term “self-aware.”

Science hasn’t built that yet. We throw around the term AI as if that is what the process should be called. How about smart algorithm? It doesn’t sound as cool as AI. However, smart algorithm is what we should be using.

As soon as someone creates AI, I’ll be one of the first people to post about it as I make my way to a remote country to escape the SkyNet that will most assuredly follow.

Out of the Box

Overheard today…

“There is no scenario where AI doesn’t get out of the box.”

What this means is that AI will always get loose and do “who knows what” once it does. It is an absolutely controllable situation that will become an uncontrollable one because we’re just not very bright and forward thinking as a species.

We think about the here and now. Have you ever heard someone complain that this is the hottest summer ever! Well, it’s not. You’d have to go way back in time for that record. Hint: It was BEFORE 1950. Most climate records only use data going back as far as 1950 because it makes the misery look better.

My two cents for the day.

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Do You Trust Your Computer?

This documentary is free to watch until midnight.

It is very well done and asks the question “just because we can does it follow that we should?”

We’ve created countless films warning about the dangers of AI and yet, we still plow forward.

Human beings aren’t very bright.