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Selling Global Warming

It is extremely difficult to tell everyone that the Earth is getting hotter when in fact, it is getting colder in some places.

Case in point, this story.

Freezing drivers were stranded for hours in traffic jams in Germany and COVID-19 vaccination centres were shut in Britain on Tuesday as Europe was pummelled by the heaviest snow in years.

But wait, there’s more…

Snow is expected to decrease in the coming days, according to forecasters, but temperatures as cold as -20 C mean travel conditions will remain hazardous.

With the wind-chill factor, temperatures could feel as low as -30 C at night, forecasters have said.

Heavy snow has also fallen in other countries across central and northern Europe, including Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.

My opinion has always been that the Earth is constantly changing and that will mean some parts of the world will get warmer while others get colder. In a few years, things will shift but you’ll always have cold spots and warm spots. They just won’t always be in the same exact spot on the globe. That is why you have record temperatures constantly. You would if everything was shifting around all of the time.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Global Warming is Caused By

Excessive human population.

That fact drives everything else that has anything to do with global warming.

More people means…

  1. More garbage.
  2. More Cars
  3. More Industry
  4. More Animals to Support more Humans
  5. Less Trees
  6. More Housing. See #5

Someone said that it isn’t the amount of plastic bottles that is the real issue. The real issue is the need for all of those plastic bottles. Remove the need and they won’t be making all of those plastic bottles anymore. The same works for cars, etc.

Our population is way too big for the planet and it is only going to get worse. Scientists seem to take the position that this can somehow be controlled without getting rid of the human issue. In most cases, population is never mentioned.

How can you not talk about it?

You can’t. If you don’t remove a vast amount of the human population, you can never recover.

If you want to reduce CO2 and you honestly believe that is the major issue than you must entertain the idea that you need to remove people to do it.

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Someday & Stuff

Someday, I’ll get back to regular posting. After this holiday season me thinks.

Here are a few stories that I’ve saved for no particular reason at all other than “they caught my eye.”

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Carbon Dioxide is outed as being much to do about nothing as far as global warming science is concerned.

Global Warming Just a Bunch of Hot Air?

I’d write more about this but I can’t stop laughing.

The hottest hoax around

via The Register

Climate scientists funded by the US government have announced new research in which they have established that the various doomsday global warming scenarios are in fact extremely unlikely to occur, and that the scenarios considered likeliest – and used for planning by the world’s governments – are overly pessimistic.

Hmm. At what point do we begin to sue people like Al Gore for perpetrating and forcing a known fraud on the American people? Charges of exploitation, theft by deception, perpetrating a hoax for the purpose of personal financial gain, and I could go on and on.

Polar Ice: 101

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick and tired (mostly tired) of reading the same stories about “global warming” and how it’s melting the polar ice caps. Case in point…

from The New York Times today…

TO the relief of climate scientists around the world, it appears that the polar ice cap hasn’t shrunk as much this summer as it did last summer.

The ice cap usually reaches its smallest extent around now, and although the total area of ice in September fluctuates from year to year, in the last two decades it has generally declined, probably because of carbon-driven global warming. Last year, the ice cap shrank at a record-breaking pace; at its minimum it was almost 39 percent smaller than the average from 1979 to 2000. This year it’s down about 33 percent.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not interested in probably. What a bunch of sloppy reporting? The word “probably” indicates that what follows is the author’s opinion. I just want the report, not the opinion.

In a story from July 3rd of this year in the Register (the UK. No. I’m not making that up), Steven Goddard writes a piece about how wrong the so-called “global warming” evidence is as it relates to the melting polar ice caps. Here’s a sample

Satellite records have been kept for polar sea ice over the last thirty years by the University Of Illinois. In 2007 2008, two very different records were set. The Arctic broke the previous record for the least sea ice area ever recorded, while the Antarctic broke the record for the most sea ice area ever recorded. Summed up over the entire earth, polar ice has remained constant. As seen below, there has been no net gain or loss of polar sea ice since records began.


Last week, Dr James Hansen from NASA spoke about how CO2 is affecting the polar ice caps.

“We see a tipping point occurring right before our eyes… The Arctic is the first tipping point and it’s occurring exactly the way we said it would,” he said.

Well, not exactly.

Hansen is only telling half the story. In the 1980s the same Dr Hansen wrote a paper titled Climate Sensitivity to Increasing Greenhouse Gases [pdf], in which he explained how CO2 causes “polar amplification.” He predicted nearly symmetrical warming at both poles. As shown in Figure 2-2 from the article, Hansen calculated that both the Arctic and Antarctic would warm by 5-6 degrees Centigrade. His predictions were largely incorrect, as most of Antarctica has cooled and sea ice has rapidly expanded. The evidence does not support the theory.

Do yourself a big favor. Read the whole thing. If you are one of those folks who believe that man made “Global Warming” is real then please read the many articles that explain why it doesn’t exist.

Please don’t believe everything you read, even on this website.

Do you trust less than 2,000 scientists or over 32,000?

32,000 + scientists believe that man made “Global Warming” is a big bunch of crap.

I believe THOSE guys.