QOTD – Vacuum of Space

Dark matter is a failure of science to understand what a vacuum truly is and that armchair quarterbacking the universe from a single planet will lead to futility. Mike Williams, Know-it-All

QOTD – Society

Society would be a lot better off if we would all stop lying to one another. –Mike Williams

QOTD – Nonsense

I’ve never understood the logic behind the statement “If you don’t vote, you are throwing your vote away.” I think it is utter nonsense. If I have a stone in my hand and I don’t throw it, how could I possibly have thrown it away?

Quote of the Day

I like keeping a journal. It makes me write things. – Mike Williams

Great Quote

More great quotes here… Hat Tip: Daring Fireball

Personal Quote

True Love isn’t about the things you say. True Love is all about the things you do. chipheadmike, December 2018

Two Favorite Quotes

Both are from Eleanor Roosevelt. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. The 1st quote has had the biggest impact on me. The 2nd quote is something we all could...