Changing the World

I will get to the point. Hang in there…

People are fat and overweight today more than ever before in United States history. Why? Air Conditioning. Video Games. Television.

Air Conditioning. It’s responsible for keeping the fat people on their fat ass. Why go outside? It’s HOT out there. I’d rather just sit in the air conditioning and do as little as possible. Like, watch television or playing video games. Remember the good old days when you actually went outside on purpose? You know. To play something or ride your bike or take a hike or run around with your friends…

Video Games. They are fun. They are time killers. They are NOT real. Just sayin’….

Television. Television wants you to watch what they put in front of you and when they put it in front of you. Be a good little consumer and just watch what we tell you to. Kind of like ABC’s Official Presentation of ObamaCare. For the record, lowest rated show of the night. Seems there Mr. President, people just aren’t that into you.

It’s hard to save the world from your bar-ca lounger. Raising awareness by changing the color of an icon does not translate into any type of kinetic energy and thusly will effect no change. Science. Bitches. It works.

Change begins with ideas but it doesn’t end there. Iran will never change until real action takes place. Protesting will only go so far as only one side has weapons. Very uneven and unfair fight on any level. The people may have the numbers but they don’t have the resources that the government has.

Ribbons and icons that tell me that you care more about Iran than I do will not impress me. As well it should not. Your caring can only mean something to one person and that person is you. Which could be continued by saying that the only thing you care about is you.

The person or persons that collect money, buy weapons, and give them to the Iranian people are the people that this old sailor will salute.

I believe it was Francois Guisot who said “Not to be a republican at twenty is proof of want of heart; to be one at thirty is proof of want of head.”

The quote is wrongly attributed to Winston Churchill.

What does it mean? Idealism is a strong characteristic of the young. The young need to change the world and all of that. The ideology has become intertwined with a culture of sit on your ass in the air conditioning and play video games mentality. They would rather post something on Facebook, Twitter, or blog about it. While it makes them feel good it accomplishes nothing.

The real people of change are long gone. They are gone because those values are gone. Can you imagine a world void of religious values?

Sure you can. America is becoming that place. While Islam becomes stronger and countries continue to yield to the cult, Christianity and similar religions are dropping their numbers.

We are becoming France and Canada. We outsource everything. We import everything. We produce nothing.

The government stepped in and destroyed the banking system and the auto industry. Health care is next.

Will we stop it? No.


Because we’re too busy sitting in our air conditioned homes, eating fried chicken, watching Oprah, and playing the next big thing on our PlayStation.