Drive-By Blogging

Just a quick post and a reflection on what an elected representative is “supposed” to do.

You shouldn’t care about what a candidate feels about gun control, abortion, taxes, or anything else for that matter.

Yes. I just said that. Why?

Because we live in a Republic and not a Democracy. There is a difference.

Our elected officials (notice I don’t use “leader”) are supposed to do exactly what we tell them to. That’s why we shouldn’t call them leaders. They aren’t supposed to be leading anything. What they should be doing is exactly and precisely what we tell them to and nothing more.

They are supposed to be a servant of the people they represent. If I am concerned about a candidate’s position on gun control then I’m missing the point. We have seriously gotten away from what elected officials are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing.

Because we have been doing it wrong all of these years, now I really do have to worry about a candidate’s position on something.

This post is simply a vent. We can’t even get the basics correct and now we want those elected folks to “fix” our healthcare system?

Have we as a society completely lost our freakin’ minds or have we all gotten so lazy that we forget who forged the nation that we now take stewardship of?

If I were running for office, I believe my press conference would go something like this…

Me: Hi. My name is Mike Williams and I’m running for office.

Press: How do you feel about the healthcare debate?

Me: Really doesn’t matter now does it?

Press: I don’t understand.

Me: I’m not running for me. I’m running for you. I’m running to represent you and your neighbors views.

Press: So, you don’t have an opinion on the healthcare debate then?

Me: Why should I? Like I said. I represent you. You’d be better off asking yourself that question.

Press: What about gun control?

Me: Again, how do YOU feel about gun control? I have an opinion and it will be whatever the voters say it is. Have a nice day.