Writing Stuff and Snowflake

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So, I am working on a short story and I am a big fan of the “snowflake” method. Really I am.

This is one of those mornings where the “snowflake” method is too constraining. I NEED just a touch more than one sentence for an opening synopsis but if I wish to remain true to the method, I must relent and re-write until I can get my idea down to one sentence.

A one sentence synopsis is very similar to the limit placed on Twitter users. Tweets are limited in size and thereby, force you to change the way you would normally write or try to convey an idea. It can be very tough.

My latest short story is called Bystander. If I can get by these limitations placed on me by the “snowflake” method I just may prevail this day.

/vent mode off

*** In unrelated news, Barrack Obama’s healthcare plan still sucks. ***