Mac Migration Tip

If you are planning on buying a new Mac and want to move your account to the new machine I have a quick piece of information to consider before doing so.

Are you moving the account from the same “type” of Mac?

In other words, are you moving your account from an older iMac to a newer one? If so, you should be fine.

If you migrate across different types of Macs then beware, bad things could happen.

I have migrated from a Mac Mini to a MacBook Pro to an iMac.

What is the problem, you ask?

My airport wireless doesn’t work and the bluetooth mouse jumps all over the place.

I booted the machine up from a restore disk and both the wireless and bluetooth work fine.

Somewhere, as I was moving my account among these different machines, I picked up a bad file or bad files that prevent the wireless from working and screw with the bluetooth port.

This weekend I plan on a “regen” of my new iMac.