iPad 2 News

In my area of Lancaster, this is how the iPad2 sales went down…

Best Buy – A few iPads to sell. How many? I never got the number but there was no chance of getting one. It looked like about 10 people in a small line in the back of the store. No signage and just a very weird “vibe.” It felt like Best Buy just sold the few they had to close friends and relatives.

Wal-Mart – One of the area Wal-Mart stores we stopped at only had 2 iPads to sell. That’s right. Two.

The Lancaster Apple store. A line that took forever to get to the end of and when I did…

…I was greeted by an Apple employee who said, “Oh, Hi Mr. Williams. I hope you aren’t here for the iPad2 ’cause we’re sold out.”

First. I frequent the store so often that the employees actually DO know me by my name.

Second. The store sold out of the iPad2 in less than 1 hour.

What kind of crazy ^*^&^$&( is this?