Weekend Update

The building I’m in has not flooded in the 25 years the current owner has owned it…

…until now.

In the basement of this building is our computer center. It houses work stations, film and video editing hardware, and our internet “cage.”

The basement got about 18 inches of water from this last week’s overdose of rain.

Damages are ranging from $15,000 to about $20,000.

The Take That! Media office is on the 2nd floor so my loses were minimal although I do have some things stored downstairs as well.

The attitude of the guy who owns the building is amazing. To him, it’s a great excuse to replace the flooring and get rid of a bunch of things he thought should have been thrown out anyway.

The video guy has taken a big hit and it may seriously impact his business in the middle of a seriously bad economy.

When nature hits us back I’m always thankful to be still standing and humbly reminded that we simple, stupid, puny, and arrogant humans are not in charge around here. The sooner we realize this and stop pretending that we are the center of the universe, the better.

Update (9-24-11): The flood water destroyed our new washing machine. So, instead of just replacing the washer, Chuck (the owner of the building) replaced both washer and dryer with models that I swear were dropped off by NASA. At least, I feel like I need training to use them.