Unique prediction of ‘modified gravity’ challenges dark matter theory

I can get behind this one.

Unique prediction of ‘modified gravity’ challenges dark matter theory:

Here is the current theory…

So, dark matter proponents theorize that most of the known universe is actually made of material that doesn’t interact with light, making it invisible and undetectable— but that this material accounts for much of the gravitational pull among galaxies. It has been the prevailing theory for nearly 50 years.

Here is the alternate theory which I happen to believe because I think it is more plausible. I don’t think the answer to an unsolved question is to “make shit up” which is what the dark matter theory is.

Instead of attributing the excess gravitational pull to an unseen, undetectable dark matter, MOND suggests that gravity at low accelerations is stronger than would be predicted by a pure Newtonian understanding.

In addition, MOND made a bold prediction: the internal motions of an object in the cosmos should not only depend on the mass of the object itself, but also the gravitational pull from all other masses in the universe—called “the external field effect” (EFE).

Milgrom said the findings, if robustly confirmed, would be “the smoking gun proving that galaxies are governed by modified dynamics rather than obeying the laws of Newton and of general relativity.”