Personal Goal – Programming

Today I spent some time on looking at some of the goals I want to achieve sometime this year. One of those goals is to learn Python 3 programming language formally.

What does that mean?

Formally to me means that instead of learning the language by trial and error, I actually take a course on it online. I find that I personally learn much better that way. One of the obstacles to accomplishing that task was the fact that I quit my Lynda subscription.

Unfortunately, once I did that I could never go back to just using It is now LinkedIn Learning and I don’t know why but I’ve never cared for LinkedIn and I remember purposely removing my profile from the platform. I don’t remember why but that was a long time ago.

At any rate, I’ve signed up for LinkedIn Learning and we’re off and running. I think 30 minutes a day spent on it is a reasonable goal. I’ve hit 47 minutes today with a Getting Things Done course along with the start of the actual Python course by Bill Weinman who is awesome but also makes me want to take a nap. I’m pretty sure that is the same guy who taught the SQL course that I kept falling asleep in the middle of.

In any event, I believe that without taking small steps every day you’ll never reach the place you are trying to get to.

I am so passionate about daily writing right now that I just couldn’t imagine NOT doing it. If you would have asked me 6 months ago if I could write a couple of short stories during our busiest time of the year I would have laughed in your face.

Not only did I write two stories, I almost finished three of them.

There isn’t a point to this post other than to affirm that I think I am on the right track and to remind myself to not give up.