I’m New Here

My name is Amy L. Feeling. I have known Mike for a very long time. We have bounced ideas off each other in the past and have always had a very warm friendship that has only grown stronger over the years. A short while ago, Mike introduced me to this series he was working on called “How Did We Get Here?” By the time I was through reading the first five, I was hooked. Working a story backwards is always fun and challenging.

Mike doesn’t hold back on what he thinks a story should be. Most writers would step up to the line but not cross it but Mike doesn’t seem to care about that. That, is what makes these stories so good. I’ve talked to him a few times in the past several weeks and I eventually asked him if I could join him. I’ve written a variety of things under a different pen name, of course. I think you’ll find a delightful balance between Mike dancing around the lines and me pushing him over it and laughing all of the way.

I could not have a more genuine friend and at times, he can be more than that when I need him to be.

I hope you’ll find my writing as interesting as his. If you think the HDWGH stories will be more tame because a woman is writing some of them, you couldn’t be more wrong.

I almost forgot. I DO realize that my initials spell ALF. I DO know what the reference is even though it was before my time. I DO think it’s funny.

Strap in. I think we’re all in for a wild ride.