I love to write about all kinds of things. I have a very open approach to certain topics like sex. I do not hold back what I am thinking nor do I mask my true feelings on a subject. I feel that women writings tend to present a false facade to most people. They want everyone to see them as good clean and wholesome but try to hide the real sexual beast that lives beneath. I like beast.

HDWGH – Story 44 – Showing Off

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: Yvette Jennings felt a small sense of pride as most of the females on the south side beach watched her boyfriend emerging from the crystal clear ocean waves.

**Before**: Todd Baltimore was having some issues. This was one of the few times that his girlfriend Yvette was ready to go out somewhere before he was. He was standing nude in his walk in closet agonizing over which bathing suit to wear. His eyes kept settling on an Ivory colored number but he couldn’t remember ever wearing it. In fact, the “Joe Boxer” name on them led him to believe that they were just underwear that had been misplaced in his closet. Yvette wondered past him and picked them up. “Just wear these,” she said. He slipped them on and they proceeded to the south side beach for a day of fun in the sun. Todd may not have remembered why or even “if” he ever wore the swimming trunks before but Yvette sure did. Once those trunks got wet, they hid nothing. Yvette was rather proud of what Todd had so today, when the cold hearted bitches at the south side beach laid eyes on her boyfriend they wouldn’t be wondering why they are together. After wetting themselves while watching the tremendously large bulge in Todd’s trunks, they would know.

HDWGH – Story 40 – By the Light of the Moon

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: Mother and daughter arrived at the upstairs bathroom laundry shoot at exactly the same moment both carrying a used towel. Heather Collins looked at her daughter Felicia Collins and smiled without saying a word. Felicia smiled back as they both opened the shoot and tossed the towels inside.

**Before**: It was a night that many called a “Strawberry Moon.” Felicia Collins thought it was extremely romantic and invited her boyfriend Nick over to celebrate by having sex near her bedroom window. The window was large and Felicia imagined the two of them rolling around in the sheets under the beautiful light.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Collins residence. Heather Collins had prepared everything required for a romantic evening with her husband Joe. Their bedroom was decked out in candles, rose petals, and of course, incense burning on a nightstand by the bed. It had Harlequin Romance written all over it. After all, the moon was exceptionally gorgeous tonight.

Nick rolled off Felicia as their love making had come to an end. Felicia was so close to having an orgasm but right before she could release it, Nick finished leaving her unfulfilled. She went through the usual act of pretending like it was fantastic sex. It wasn’t. She wasn’t sure how much longer she’d stay in the relationship. All she wanted was a boyfriend that cared about her needs. Nick definitely wasn’t that guy. She kissed him as she watched him leave her room and gently closed the door as he went.

Heather didn’t claw Joe’s back because he was giving her incredible sex. She was clawing his back out of sheer frustration. She was so close to having an orgasm and that prick had finished before her. What did she expect? He had been doing this for their entire marriage. She thought that the moonlight may change things. It didn’t. Joe put his clothes on and left their bedroom. No words spoken. Joe thought is was great sex and had the claw marks on his back to prove it. Heather thought it was yet another disappointing night.

Toby Granger was walking down Grant Street when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. The Collins house. He had fantasies about Felicia Collins but she was too classy for Toby and he knew it. What he saw made him do a double take. Two big windows on the second floor side by side had the silhouettes of two nude woman. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that they were playing with themselves rather vigorously. Toby quickly took out his phone and began recording making sure to set the resolution to 4k.

Toby couldn’t really tell from the street but almost at the exact same moment the two woman released their orgasms. He could swear he saw squirting if that was even a thing. As if choreographed, the two women donned robes, gathered up their towels, and left the rooms.

On the ground level, Toby saw two men standing outside the Collins household talking to each other and sharing a beer. It was dark where he was standing even in the full moonlight so he suspected they didn’t see him. He stopped recording and hurried down the street. He was hoping that this brand new phone and the high definition camera would live up to all of the hype. His TikTok popularity was about to take a turn for the better.

HDWGH – Story 38 – Elevator Scramble

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: The elevator doors opened as five angry employees suddenly changed their expressions as Lori Young quickly tried to replace her wedding ring. She didn’t have time to button up her blouse so the employees got a full view of her natural C-cups. John Jones was in the act of wiping off his still exposed cock as a small white pool was forming under Lori.

**Before**: This is one of those rare occasions in this series where the **now** completely explains the **before**. I mean, honestly. Two employees fucked in an elevator. No backstory needed.

HDWGH – Story 35 – Plugged

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: The secret of why office manager Elizabeth Beckett was always smiling and happy was finally out of the bag. Elizabeth was bending over to get some files out of the lower filing cabinet drawer when her dress rode up revealing a decorative butt plug handle and the pink wiggling end of a vibrator inserted into her bare shaved pussy. The office full of women huddled around Marcy Walker’s desk felt that they finally knew why someone with such a crappy husband was always happy.

Before: Elizabeth rolled off of her husband after faking what seemed like her thousandth orgasm. No matter how much she hinted and outright asked Bill to try new things he simply wouldn’t do it. He loved laying down and letting Elizabeth do all of the work. This was the position they used most of the time. There were other sexual positions. Bill just didn’t like any of them. “Too much like work,” he’d say.

It wasn’t very common to have sex before work. She got lucky this morning and caught Bill in a particular horny mood. Elizabeth wanted more out of Bill. She offered but Bill wasn’t willing to take the day off and spend it in bed with her. So, she did the only thing a horny young woman could do. She had to please herself. After some lube, she inserted her favorite anal plug and the dildo she called “wicked Mary” and finished getting dressed. Today, that meant a simple sundress with matching scandals. She couldn’t be bothered with underwear. Besides, no one is going to notice anyway.

HDWGH – Story 34 – Dingleberry Johnson

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: It was at the bottom of the 5th inning when Cletus Johnson looked up at the big display in the ballpark. In bright blue letters it read, “For a good time, call Cletus “Dingleberry” Johnson. He always gives you a little extra.” In traditional ballpark fashion, the ad was quickly replaced with a live shot of Cletus and a look on his face that would eventually become a meme.

Before: Angela Johnson had been married to Cletus for nearly five years. He was a good man. He was kind. He loved her deeply and as far as she knew, he was absolutely faithful. What she was having a problem with was her husband’s dingleberries. It was one of those things that you see and then can never get out of your mind. She first saw them a couple of weeks ago and they haven’t had sex since.

She tried to tell him about it. Tried. It was extremely difficult to come up with a way to broach the subject. “Hey, honey. I’d like to talk to you about your dingleberry problem.” Angela and Cletus didn’t have that kind of relationship. Certain things were never discussed.

It was Angela’s friend Kerry that had come up with a novel idea. Cletus loved to go to baseball games. It was something that she and Cletus did not do together. She hated sports.

HDWGH – Story 27 – Winning

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Artie Baker walked into the office with a smile on his face. The smile didn’t last long as everyone froze and stared at him. Nothing was said for a long moment before money began changing hands. Had everyone just placed a bet on him for something? He had an incredible lunch hour and coming back to this weird behavior was just bizarre.

Before: Artie pulled Jeff’s boxers down to his ankles and immediately took his lover’s cock in his mouth. He had been craving it all day long. How soft it was when he first touched it and how hard it became in just a few moments of blowing on the tip lightly. He sat in his cubicle fantasizing about licking the entire length. He loved sucking cock. He would do it all day long if it wasn’t for this stupid “adult” thing he had to do. He didn’t think any of his fellow office workers either knew or cared that he was gay.

Jeff’s first squirt of cum went high but the rest of it settled into Artie’s waiting mouth. He swallowed every drop. These lunch rendezvous are what kept their relationship interesting and exiting. Sometimes he secretly hoped that someone would walk in on him as he had Jeff’s big dick in his mouth; making the onlooker jealous, no doubt.

No kisses or hugs just a hurried goodbye and Artie was headed back to the office feeling like he owned the world. This day was turning out to be the best day ever!

HDWGH – Story 26 – Pass the Pepper!

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Doug Hess blinked his eyes in rapid succession as the pain between his eyes grew more intense. He was fairly certain that he asked the table next to him to pass the pepper and not throw it.

Before: Stacy Driscall wasn’t having a very good morning. Her father had demanded that she go back into her bedroom and put on clothing that was a bit more appropriate for the public. She was furious. It was summer and everyone else her age was wearing tube tops so why couldn’t she? It wasn’t like her tits were spilling out of it. Fucking dad. She took off the tube top and put on a dark blouse in its place not bothering to put a bra on either. She balled up the tube top and put that in her purse. When she got to the restaurant, she’d change back into the tube top. Fuck her dad. She wasn’t going to pick up any guys if they couldn’t see the package.

She met her friends Alice, Becky, and Amy at the country diner on old route 55. Stacy immediately went into the bathroom and removed the blouse replacing it with the tube top. In this light, she could see why her dad wasn’t happy with it. Her dark nipples were visible but she didn’t care. She had a light jacket to cover them top with should the need arise. She thought she looked pretty hot.

Doug Hess couldn’t have been more happy when the waitress brought his plate of eggs and home fries over to him. She asked if he was good and he thought to himself what a silly question that was. Of course, he was good. He had eggs and home fries. It wasn’t until the waitress left him that he noticed that the pepper container was missing. That was always the case with Doug. He always seemed to miss the little details until it was too late.

Doug turned towards the group of girls in the next booth over and asked if he could borrow the pepper. Stacy’s brain translated “could I borrow your pepper?,” into “nice tits on her,” which in any other circumstance would have been flattering to Stacy. If Doug Hess would have been a young guy, Stacy’s reaction would have probably been different. However, in an instant flare of rage festering from the mornings conversation with her dad, she picked up the pepper container and threw the glass container at Doug and surprisingly hit him right in the middle of his forehead. Stacy felt instantly better and she continued on with her friends as though nothing happened.

Author’s Note: This may or may not have been inspired by a personal episode which may or may not have occurred when I was seventeen.


If I am hot and sweaty and I decide to wear something that lets my upper body breathe (mostly talking about my tits), why do men automatically think that by the act of wearing said garment I am advertising that I am available?

If I am walking through a mall and see a guy wearing shorts rocking a nice cock outline, I don’t automatically think he is wearing it to pick up women. He might be. I don’t assume that.

For my 1st post with Mike’s website, I thought I’d write about something that always pisses me off.

Assumptions about my availability piss me off. Based on what I am wearing? Really?

I love men.

But, sometimes I don’t.

This post may or may not have been “triggered” by a recent trip to the store.

I’m New Here

My name is Amy L. Feeling. I have known Mike for a very long time. We have bounced ideas off each other in the past and have always had a very warm friendship that has only grown stronger over the years. A short while ago, Mike introduced me to this series he was working on called “How Did We Get Here?” By the time I was through reading the first five, I was hooked. Working a story backwards is always fun and challenging.

Mike doesn’t hold back on what he thinks a story should be. Most writers would step up to the line but not cross it but Mike doesn’t seem to care about that. That, is what makes these stories so good. I’ve talked to him a few times in the past several weeks and I eventually asked him if I could join him. I’ve written a variety of things under a different pen name, of course. I think you’ll find a delightful balance between Mike dancing around the lines and me pushing him over it and laughing all of the way.

I could not have a more genuine friend and at times, he can be more than that when I need him to be.

I hope you’ll find my writing as interesting as his. If you think the HDWGH stories will be more tame because a woman is writing some of them, you couldn’t be more wrong.

I almost forgot. I DO realize that my initials spell ALF. I DO know what the reference is even though it was before my time. I DO think it’s funny.

Strap in. I think we’re all in for a wild ride.