Internet Speeds in the Middle of Nowhere

I live in rural Georgia. Comcast doesn’t come out here. Verizon has no services besides cellular out this way. A T & T has a service but it is really cellular in nature. Earthlink, same thing.

We got Starlink RV last year and it has been pretty good. The biggest download speeds I’ve seen were somewhere around 50 mps. (megabytes per second).

This morning as I was playing around with other things, I saw this in the Clean My Mac app.

Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 6 37 12 AM

Of course, my first thought is “no way!”. So, I run a test on…

Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 6 38 33 AM

So in conclusion, I have no idea why it is suddenly so much faster unless they added satellites and a lot of them or they’ve added a ground station near me.

Leaning towards the latter if the speeds continue. I’ll update the post throughout the day.

Update#1 (0951) – Speeds have decreased.
Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 9 50 13 AM

Update#2 (1322) – Speeds are way down but could be down all over the place.
Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 1 22 06 PM

Update#3 (1446) – Speeds are back up again.
Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 2 46 17 PM

Update#4 (1855) – Last update. Speed went down again.
Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 6 54 28 PM