Very Happy Ending

Found this and think it is a great story. It is a real life Brady Bunch.

Way back in 1992, Janet Fenner and Gregory Dabice stood side by side at Montclair State University’s football stadium. It was the real high school experience, being crowned homecoming queen and king, complete with scepters and tiaras.

Little did they know it would be over two decades, before they’d be reunited–and in love.

This week, 28 years later, they held another ceremony in that very same spot–their wedding.

You can read the whole story here.

A Few Words About Love

I don’t usually discuss this type of thing on my site but I just want to say that I’ve been without the woman I love for several months now.

For my friends and family that keep asking, no. I am not ok. My heart aches every day that I’m without the one I love, my soulmate, my everything.

I don’t see that this empty feeling will ever just “go away” or that I may just move on and forget about the one lady that knows me better than anyone.

I love her very much. I think about her every single day.

I miss my baby.

Sorry. I just had to get that out there.