Masculinity in the Modern Age

I don’t think that just because men do things that women do necessarily makes them gay.

The idea that men are supposed to be neanderthals sporting tremendous amounts of body hair and talking in the most gruff voice they can muster used to work ok in a certain period of time in human history.

I don’t think that is what modern men are or what they are supposed to be. Modern men are painting their nails. A great example of this is Penn Gillette. Watch his show and you’ll see that he’s got one nail painted orange/red. This symbolizes something but I don’t remember what exactly. What you may not notice is that the rest of his finger nails are painted as well. It is usually a shimmering white color.

That isn’t all. Men are wearing clothing that has traditionally been meant for women. They are shaving their body hair. In the last relationship I was in neither me nor my girlfriend had pubic hair. Why not? Seriously. Just try it. You won’t regret the affects.

When is the last time you heard about a “crabs” outbreak? Yeah, me neither. That is because so many people simply don’t have fucking pubic hair. It is disgusting and modern men and women realize that so they shave it off. That is something the ancient Egyptians discovered over 4000 years ago. The only hair on a female back then was on the top of her head.

A friend of mine has theorized that this is due to excess estrogen being placed back into the water supply by an excessive population of women. They flush their pads and tampons down the toilet and somehow the estrogen is making it back into our water supply. It is not a far fetched idea.

In conclusion, men have cocks and women have pussies. That is the true difference between men and women.

I don’t think it is any more complicated than that.