Blockchain – Big Bullshit

I have personally felt that there was something just a bit off about the whole Bitcoin craze. While I am usually hesitant to jump on bandwagons anyway, I couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong with blockchain in general.

It seems I am not the only one.

I happened across a great story from the Netherlands on this very topic. The author explains…

That’s why I wrote this article. I can tell you upfront, it’s a bizarre journey to nowhere. I’ve never seen so much incomprehensible jargon to describe so little. I’ve never seen so much bloated bombast fall so flat on closer inspection. And I’ve never seen so many people searching so hard for a problem to go with their solution.

…and this exactly describes my problems with it. I didn’t do the research this guy did but I just had a feeling.

I guess someday a problem will come along and someone will dust off the blockchain box and say “oh yeah! I got the solution for that right here!”